Have I been had? (flippa)

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I feel like I may have been "had" on flippa (lol I hear you all) now I'm not going to be naming names, or posting the url etc at the moment as I'm still waiting for a reply from the seller.

I bought the site 10+ years old, the stats and traffic provided all seemed good over 5500 visits per month, I saw potential in the site and got it for what I seem as a fair price.

However with it being Christmas and the new year its only just been linked to my server (where the site needs a fair amount of work) but now I have my own stats in place (still waiting for google to set up) the majority of my traffic seems to be direct around 88% of it at the moment.

Is this just going to be a case of me starting the whole thing over, but with the added bonus of a old domain name or am I up the creek so to speak?
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    Hard to say without knowing where that traffic is coming from, but I bought a site on Flippa without checking the traffic and after I bought it, I discovered it was all cheap, crap bought traffic. I had to contact the seller several times and insist that she cease that traffic source so I could begin with real stats.
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    yeah thats what im waiting to find out from the seller or hope that analytics updates with some answers soon...
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    It's hard to tell right away, I assume your using awstats right now? If that's the case, also remember that much of the traffic sent by search engines now is https which won't show up. However, that doesn't explain no traffic coming in from other sources if there were a lot of links claimed.

    Just my two cents worth of thoughts.

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    yeah AWStats, I know to take that stuff with a pinch of salt but at the moment as of 10pm GMT

    It shows as 148 unique, 87.7% direct, 2% from search engines and the rest from links.

    I know its early days just seems a bit sussed to me, not even my work site where most of the work comes from direct link off site referrals and networking gets that much!
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    Hopefully its not paid traffic as that's what usually scammers are doing nowadays at Flippa! Anyway you better wait until the full day is over and you can post here back, hopefully going to be okay even though I doubt it (87.2 % direct traffic is almost impossible)



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      The best rule of thumb I find is (even though there are some exceptions), be wary of sites that look bad.

      A lot of people are trying to sell traffic / revenue alone (with fake claims), so they will knock up a site in 5 mins in an attempt to do so and some are truly terrible examples of web design.

      A lot of people don't make the effort to try and be a bit more convincing, not to mention adding more value to the deal, by designing something that looks nice to look at.

      If it isn't visually appealling and there's no content present to compensate for this I'd look upon the sellers offering with serious doubt.

      Some buyers make the mistake of recognising and admitting that a site might look like crap but they have ambition to turn it into something marvellous to take advantage of the traffic which in reality it doesn't even have.

      Scammers recognise that the site is mostly about selling something which can be easily faked and there's gaping holes in the system to allow them to do so.
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    thanks, well i do enjoy learning the hard way lol!
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    Just had analytics update not much info there at the moment so i need to wait for another 24 hours to confirm anything.

    However it is unable to give me a source of the direct traffic, maybe after another 24 hours I will get a better idea....maybe...

    I got more link related traffic today which has brought my direct down to 79% thanks for everyone's help and advice, feeling a bit stupid but hey ho.

    EDIT - Rather than constantly bumping, a reply I got

    the only answer is no!!! That is the tweetbomb that brings the traffic. It is grey hat! but it is the only plugin on the market that brings traffic.

    How affective the traffic is through tweetbomb is a question not fully answered yet, but it does bring traffic!!!
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