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I was wondering if anybody knows if you can use wordpress and 1shoppingcart together for an online store?

If this is not possible - are there any other options for have a shopping cart on a wordpress page that has an autoresponder?

I am looking to create a wordpress salespage (more or less) for webinars I will be putting on and want to be able to accept credit cards online and then have the registration info sent to them via autoresponder.

I don't have much of a budget (that's why I need to use wordpress for the main site) and want to have it so they are able to make the purchase for the training on the website ($99) and then once their card has been processed the registration info is sent to the via an autoresponder.

How would I go about setting this up?

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    With one shopping cart, you end up with links for checkout. In WordPress, you can easily create linked text with those checkout links in them.
    Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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      Originally Posted by Kevin Riley View Post


      With one shopping cart, you end up with links for checkout. In WordPress, you can easily create linked text with those checkout links in them.
      Hi Kevin,

      I am looking at 1shoppingcart and Wordpress.org to build my online store.

      I have downloaded WP-Ecommerce 3.7 plugin. Do you know if you can create linked text within this plug in or were would you create this linked text?

      Thanks again

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    Hi Quinn,

    Nanacast + our Member Lock wordpress membership site plugin can handle this. Our ecommerce service can create blog membership sites and also subscribe people automatically to Aweber and Getreponse email list management services and can also optionally automatically unsubscribe them on refund or subscription cancellations.

    We offer processing via Authorize.net enabled merchant accounts for credit card processing, Paypal, or 2checkout.

    You have the choice to deliver the content via the secured membership blog, premium podcast, premium rss feed, membership area, physical on demand print and ship or any combination of those options all automated by our system.

    We also have an integrated affiliate management system and a lot of other desirable features.
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      Wow, not bad!

      Kevin, I have seen your "product creation lab" stuff on Google and must admit it looks fantastic.

      So all I have to do is create a hyperlink in text to my 1shoppingcart account and can have the order processed?

      Man, honestly sometimes it is so easy (and is staring you in the face) that you completely overlook it.

      Thank you very much!


      Hey Josh,

      When it comes to "delivering the content" can I do it over a webinar?

      I'm new to this whole game so if you wouldn't mind explaining how this could assist me in my webinars that would be great.

      Thanks for your help as well
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    I suggest using Premium Web Cart. I have had nice success with them. Their customer service has been very good.
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    i would suggest using ShopperPress, its got all the great features of a normal shopping cart with its own designs and plugins.

    *NEW* Wordpress Auction Theme - your own Flippa or eBay website in minutes!
    Wordpress Directory Script - creating a directory website is easy!
    Wordpress Shopping Cart - setup your own online store or Amazon affiliate store!

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    Really take a hard look at nanacast. I was going to use wordpress to deliver my content...and then after hooking up with nanacast...decided to simply create the pages in nanacast. I can't emphasize the importance of this tool to making my membership site delvery so easy...

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    Hey Quinn,

    We have a wordpress tool that we are about to release shortly. We have one little bug to sort out with it, then will be making it available for download from our application.

    Feel free to message me with your contact information if you would like to get your hands on it as soon as possible.

    Cliff Van Kempen
    Product Manager
    a Web.com brand
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      Hi Cliff -- could you please post when the 1SC integration with WordPress is ready for release? I'm thinking of moving my company's online cart and email marketing to 1SC but absolutely must have WP integration running smoothly.

      Thanks, Chris
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    I use the Premium Web cart solution
    because it was really easy.

    But the most important item for me
    was the ability to run an unlimited
    number of membership sites under
    my account.

    It's really like getting unlimited versions
    of the software so I never have to pay
    3 times for 3 membership sites.

    From an ease of use standpoint and
    cost effectiveness standpoint, I don't
    see anything else like it.

    If you have only 1 membership site, this
    is all a moot point but if you have, or plan
    on having multiple sites, then you can easily
    see how you would take the cost of the
    software and then divide by the number of
    sites to get your true cost.

    It's like going to Old Country Buffett ... the
    more you eat, the cheaper the meal ;-)
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