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Unless I've missed something totally I can't seem to find a sticky or place with loads of resources for beginners if there is such a thing could someone give me a link?

Or failing that give me a few sites and resources to have a read at.

My problem is that I sort of know what to do and how to do it, its just id like to read up and trends, best practices and so on.

Of course failing that totally would any be interested in a skill swap? Advice and pointers in return for design & development suggestions and favors
#reading #resorces #resources #skill swap #starting out
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    everything you need can be found by looking around this forum.
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    Go here - Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum and check out the stickies at the top of the page. That's a great place to start!

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    Yes I gather I can spend time looking around the forum which I am doing, its just *most* forums I'm a member of tend to have sticky topics for relevant topics, pointers, tips and resources for new members.
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    Good luck with your quest for knowledge. There are thousands of resources to be found on this forum. It should keep you busy for a VERY long time.
    Best of success to you in 2012!
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    Basically, that is the function of the search button. How can we give info that is helpful when there is so much in so many different subject areas? Admin on the forum are not paid to be here and organizing material in lists would be time consuming at the least.

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    Bit of a touchy subject is it?

    Everyone was born with a marketing book I guess... Sometimes its just handy to have a collective reference point of most asked questions that's all I'm asking for. Every long time member complains on here about new members asking "noob" questions.
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