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i got an ebook on facebook marketing. in the book i learn that one can set up a pen name account on facebook and use it to create a FB Fan page and then start building the fan and start making money with it.

How true is this? even though i would like not to assoiciate lots of things online with my real name, but still want to know if this method works on FB?

And lastly, Must i hire someone to design my facebook fan page before it will attract people to like?

Thanks for checking in.
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    Yes, this is a free, simple way to make money online.

    No need to hire anyone, you could have the base layout and make money. There are WSO's and whatnot out there that would allow you to create a professional looking page however.

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    I would suggest you hire a designer to create a Facebook like page that will get a high percentage of the visitors to actually like the page. Jonathan Budd created a movement of people creating Facebook fan pages that give people a huge incentive to press like.
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    My suggestion is to create a pen name/account with different demographics then yourself. This way you can periodically check the adboard to see what is doing well and this can help you with your facebook ad work. If you go here: https://www.facebook.com/ads/adboard/

    That will show you all the ads that are targeted for you. If you log in as your other penname, with different age, location, education etc, you will get another set of ads. This has helped me greatly. If the same ads are running for weeks, that means that people like you are clicking and buying - hence the nitch is working.

    With my facebook fanpage marketing, I typically find a passionate subject, create a generic page (I have never hired anyone) and then start posting on relevant pages from my page. If the page takes off, then I create a blog and drive traffic from my page to the site. I monetize the site with CPA, CJ and Adsense.

    The reason I wouldn't recommend hiring anyone is because it's hard to find out which pages will catch and which won't. I had some great pages that didn't catch, then a Tiger Woods one that caught on like wildfire. I built a quick simple fan page, posted on the Nike site, the Tiger Woods site, and the pga tour site, and started getting fans like crazy. Then I built a site, and I have a super active fan page with tons of users.

    Each post I make gets 100 views like clockwork. 100 passionate, targeted views.

    Good Luck
    Starting My Own - The LifeStyle of an Internet Marketer
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    bigcapp great info... do you have an example of a fan page that has taken off for you? I'd love to see it. I'm currently testing strategies myself and wondering what is going to do well without using FB ads. Win you post to those other pages what does your status say to get them to come visit your page?

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    The key to getting a fanpage to take off is encouraging users to engage with your page.

    Posting regular good value content that invites users to interact is will help you grow your fan base.

    Post questions that require short answers and attempt to keep your post short.....

    Post plenty of picture and video content, but most importantly do not over do it....

    Post 5/6 times a day is overkill.....look to post at most 3 times a day and even that might be too much if the content is of little value.

    Hope this helps

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      i real appreciate the tips and info you people have dropped here for me.One love to you all FokusNow, jamesrich1, biggcapp, leadmonster, loyaltytoday, wfhblueprints.

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    using a pen name account, which pictures are you going to upload as your own pictures?

    i believe it will be an offense claiming someone else photos as yours.

    please enlighten me on this.
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      Originally Posted by PaulSolid View Post

      using a pen name account, which pictures are you going to upload as your own pictures?

      i believe it will be an offense claiming someone else photos as yours.

      please enlighten me on this.
      Two thoughts - I had the impression that pen name accounts are against FB's terms of service??? Do you use VPS or something to set them up?

      About your question...

      Not everyone has an actual picture of self - some use pet photos, some use some other stuff, a logo, etc. Or a photo that's so tiny that you can't discern who's who.

      Just a thought.


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    Facebook fan pages are powerful platforms to bring in sales.

    you can hire someone to design it for you... that helps conversions.
    But even if you make it--- that should work too.

    Building it up is the hard part.
    Building it up means getting likes on it.

    I personally use Facebook PPC to build them, then I leverage them with my offers.

    You need to get on this and soon.
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    I don't have any luck in FanPage, my Page is really poor in likes and in analytic, but still hoping for improvement.
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    i want to create one which i dont want to associate with my real name.
    if i use a pen name to create the account, which pictures can i add as my picture?

    for i understand that will add you as a friend and like your page if you have a human pictures.

    how many fan pages can i create with one facebook account?

    Please what do you think about these?
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    Yes! The FB page will help but you need to have a big number of fans in order to sell something because FB users are not set up to buy products. You can use the FB page to build trust rather then sell directly.
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    Well I'm creating Facebook FanPages 'Connect' if anyone's interested beinsocialmedia.com
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