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Hi guys,

sorry if im posting this in the wrong place, wasnt quite sure.

I need to get as much traffic to my site as possible, as quick as possible. Its not what your thinking.

Ive just setup a site, and drunk last night stupidly made a bet with a mate of mine that i could get 10000 visits by thursday.

And it was a mans bet for a penny too, hes so amament i cant do it, i just want to prove him wrong now.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

ps. Ive looked at the fiverr route, but dont think they could deliver quick enough by the time they see the email etc.

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    If you want clicks with no real people looking then fiverr blasts are perfect. Since the bet is for nothing why not just focus on getting real targeted traffic. If you want fast traffic then paid marketing is the way to go. PPC is the fastest.
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    That's a super short amount of time, the only hope would be try to whip something up that would go viral, or the fiver option.
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    It doesnt need to be real people. Just so i can show him stats with visits to the page.
    Wasnt sure if there was a program out there i could use to do this.

    I wasnt sure if a fiverr blast would deliver in time
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    Looks like your drunk mouth wrote a check your ass can't cash.
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      Originally Posted by Shoot View Post

      Looks like your drunk mouth wrote a check your ass can't cash.
      Its starting to look that way
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    Another way to do it is go to your site and click refresh 10,000 times, it will see it as a page visit but not unquie visit.
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    If you just need to show him fake stats

    LazyWebTools - Free Automatic Page Refresher - Refresh All Live Internet Content Easily

    your welcome, :p
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    have tried both of these methods, but with my analytics only shows page loads and not visits
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    Here are two of several solutions:
    First : buy cheap ppc or ptc traffic like adf.ly, clixsence, neobux
    Second: dowload for free firefox or chrome page reloader and set each reload after 5s
    Take care!!
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    just placed a fiverr order, claims to be able to have traffic through in 48 hours so touch wood
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    Looks like your bet is well over but here is a good site to delivery fast traffic. The traffic is paid (cheap) and you most likely will never get any sales from it but if you need to pad your stats anywhere it will work fine. Donkeymails dot com can help you with the stated situation above. Hope this helps.
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