How does an IM newbie pull $2,988 profit from 3 emails?

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12 months ago I was earning a few hundred a week from eBay, I read somewhere that if you discover a way to make money online you can make more money selling the method than doing it.

I decided to write an eBook about my eBay business, I listed it on ClickBank and it has sold regularly ever since.

The money I make from selling the eBooks is, however, only a small part of the story, because every time I sell a copy I add a name and email address to my list of subscribers.

A week ago I sent out an email to my list recommending a new product, four days later I followed up with a second email and two days after that I sent a third.

The net result to date is $2,988 commission.

My list is not huge, I only added my first subscriber in May 2008. Anyone can do this.

I have created a short video to add a bit of detail to this brief summary, if you visit my blog (see my signature for the link) you can watch it (the commission figure shown in the video is a few days out of date.)

Good luck!
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    hey thanks for the information... will check it out..
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      Originally Posted by famous2313 View Post

      thanks for the information stuart

      do you use ebay as a major part of your traffic generation?

      eBay is a great source of free traffic, I have an opt in box on my eBay 'me' page which captures email addresses in exchange for a free eBook.

      If you list lots of eBay items and have a link to your 'me' page in the description you will get lots of sign ups.

      John Thornhill sells eBooks on CD from his eBay store, he sells hundreds of them (his feedback score is over 16,000) but as long as he breaks even on these sales he is happy because every buyer becomes a subscriber who will be offered John's other, higher priced products by autoresponder for as long as they remain subscribed to the list.
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    How many times have I heard "the money's in the list!" The trust and the group of people interested in your niche is very helpful. Plus when you GIVE VALUE to people they tend to give value back to you in the long run (generally through your affiliate links =) ).
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    Hey Stuart!

    Thank you very much for the post!

    Very helpful!
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    Agreed, I'm sure that when people say the money is the list.. this is what they mean

    See the glass half full or half empty? The way I see it you have the wrong size glass altogether!

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