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I think I know the answer to this, but I want to make sure. I'm guessing the War Room because it cost money keeps out the rif-raf, so I won't have to sift through a bunch of BS to read good information about growing my business. Would that be your opinion?

Now, the tough part, the "free" side is so good, so full of people willing to provide well thought out genuinely helpful advice, how can the paid side be any better?

I'm on the fence, but it's still money to me. I hope you understand my having to ask.

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    Hi Dustin,

    For me, the main difference is that on the "free" side warriors are usually more than happy to answer questions,though not always with the amount of detail you may need.

    On the paid side i.e. the War Room, the generosity (particularly from Senior members) is staggering. Many of them provide free material that answers your questions before you need to even ask.

    In some cases that information comes as a long post providing lots of detail relative to a particular subject, whilst in others it could be an offer of a free ebook that normally costs quite a bit; or in some cases free site membership.

    I have been a member for several years now and have learned a lot due to the generosity of members there.

    I am well aware that these days even an amount as low as $10 is a stretch for many of us, let alone the reasonable amount required to become a member of the the War Room. Certainly that amount was a huge stretch for me when I first joined, but I have never regretted it.

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    Done, thanks!
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    Not mention the offers of some WSO that is costing dollars elsewhere on the forum - FOR FREE!

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      Hi there,
      I only recently joined the War Room, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality on the content. As mentioned above, there is a huge amount of material and knowledge given away (both in posts, and in giveaways).
      The other main difference to the free sections of WF, is that every post in the War Room is reviewed by moderators before being put live. Which ensures top quality and unique content each time.

      Hope that helps!
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    Join if you can afford it. The info you'll find in there is worth waaaaaaaay more than the fee.
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    When I joined the war room I felt over loaded with information, so make sure you know what side of IM you want to develop and not chase every shiney object in there, thats one of my major set backs thats cost me alot of time and development.

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    If you're past the initial stage of IM information overload, and know enough to know good advice from not-so-good, then the War Room is a gold mine.

    Free info is generally a lot better than paid info, in my experience, the reasons should be obvious. I've just posted my own first post in the War Room, and got some good responses, plus helped promote my own service, so I am happy with both the recieving and the giving ends of the War Room!

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