How Are You Making Cash - Selling Products or Selling Service?

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I have been in IM for a little over 2 years now. I have dabbled with affiliate marketing and selling a service Online.

Both have it's plus and minuses. I believe services are easier (for me) to see real cash coming in from the internet.

Which to do you find more lucrative? Selling products or Selling Services.

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    Hi! I have been in Internet Marketing for about 10 years now... I have found that
    services provide the most stable long term income... but of course, you have to know how to provide a service that people want and can afford.
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      Originally Posted by laurynherbert View Post

      Hi! I have been in Internet Marketing for about 10 years now... I have found that
      services provide the most stable long term income... but of course, you have to know how to provide a service that people want and can afford.
      I agree.

      I've been selling just information products online but
      I agree with the quote above. Selling a service is more
      of a stable income. Especially if your service has a month
      to month recurring fee.
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    I have been selling my writing services for more than 5 years now and SEO for around 1 year. This is how I have been making money in the Internet Marketing, but I am planning to change gear and venture into product realm.

    How many of you will approve of this move? Should I shun the services i offer altogether or keep it rolling?
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    In today's economy, it would perhaps be a good idea to venture into selling services and products. As the OP says, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Selling services, in niche areas, in my opinion has an edge, because of lesser competition.
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    Mainly through selling digital and physical products.

    I do a little for a local business helping with marketing and writing web copy.

    Ultimately it's all about leveraging your skills for money.
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    I agree with Big Al on leveraging one's skill.

    And how you use it depends on which niche you are in and what is the level of competition you have to face.
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      I have started my adventure in IM with selling my own products. Creating blogs, generating traffic -> e-mail list -> sales page -> money.

      But i found that is more easier to earn money with selling services. Of course, if you already have brand in particular niche.

      Find me here

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    I don't think either method is universally "better" than the other one - it all depends on the individual.

    I've successfully sold writing services in the past and am doing so again, but I'm also working on product promotion (both as a vendor and affiliate). I like offering services because people are always looking to outsource - and the more projects I do, the more experience I get (and I often learn new things in the process).

    However, through selling a product (your own or someone else's) you provide value in a different form... and once the product is created, you can focus on the marketing and traffic aspects (i.e. building a relationship with your list).

    It depends on what YOU really wanna do, and what avenue you're willing to put your energy into.

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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    Well if you're asking a matter of opinion. I find services and affiliate marketing equally enjoyable. Honestly I prefer affiliate marketing a little bit (the web development or youtube kind because it's passive) since we get passive profits and with service you run the rare chance of meeting some unfavourable clients.

    However services also does have it's benefit as you get to build network you otherwise might not have and also I personally find it fun seeing sites on the front page after our service. It gives a good satisfaction to build relationships and friends from clients and to be able to tell them that their site is on the first page thanks to our service. Also the Thank you and the feedback from clients are a plus.

    That's just personally though; each might have their own preference. The amazing thing about internet marketing is teh options available. This is why newbies should stop chasing shiney objects and stick to something they like.

    Also sometimes even if something is profitable it isn't the best to chase it if you don't enjoy doing it. There are many other fishes out there to catch. Of course however you need to weigh and discern.
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    For me, selling service is easier that selling product. Because you can outsource the service, and make a good money
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  • Profile picture of the author Daniel Ong CW
    I believe striking a balance and keep up to stay in pace is important. We have to evolve as the markets do and providing what end users need most at the end of the day.
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  • Profile picture of the author Eduard Stinga
    I've been offering services for the past few years and it's getting better and better, but I'm getting into products as well. From my experience, as someone said above as well, services represent long-term income, while products are short-term (can be long as well if done properly).

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    I would say selling products, although it all depends on what type of products we are talking about... in general, selling products could mean less "problems" with customers, with some product types... although, if we are talking about making money online then my choice would be affiliate marketing because there is no need for customer support etc...
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    I have been in IM biz for around 2 years from now . ...
    And the one thing i have learned that major market in the industry is in Information marketing .. Like Creating a eBook or a eCourse ..
    I also do prefer to make money from selling product ...
    but also i am not against Selling services .. If you wanna earn a good amount of cash ..
    the one thing you gotta consider in selling service is there is after sale service in it .. And you gotta have to have time for your clients ..

    As in information marketing their is limited service ..

    Do what you prefer to do ...
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  • Profile picture of the author Chri5123
    Interesting question!

    I have sold both (and still do...)

    I find that they both have their pros and cons - selling a product is hard work due to promotion and getting traffic to the site/s.

    Servicing is fairly straight forward but if you get a difficult customer you can end up over delivering.

    Also make sure if you are going for servicing that you don't over stretch yourself.

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      We sell both products and services, i.e. online survey plans and all online and offline services, do survey designs, transfer offline hard copies into online database, offline response validation.
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    I do both. I have some affiliate products on my website. I make info products. Sometimes, if the assignment and pay is right I still write for people, but don't often write articles or the such for private clients any more. I find it more lucrative and satisfying to write PLR reports. Reports give me the room to cover whatever I want to cover, and gives the purchaser more options of what to do with the material. It also makes more sense to sell something repeatedly for a low price than sell it once for a higher price when the repeated low sales price will double, triple, etc the amount earned from one report. Why sell a short report for $100 if you can sell it 30 - 40 times and make 3 - 400? Guess I'm just one of those "lazy IMers".

    Frankly, though - when it comes right down to it, if I find something interesting enough for any reason, offline or online, I'll do it.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
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    • Profile picture of the author John Coutts
      I sell a service, which I think is probably easier to get in to, but I also sell some products too.

      I really struggled as a writer for a while until one day I decided to raise my prices by around 500%. I figured I had nothing to lose anyway, and boy, was I right. I soon discovered a whole new set of clients who were less demanding, more appreciative and who hardly ever mention Copyscape. I like selling a service now.

      Write System - superior web content
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  • Profile picture of the author ebusinesstutor
    For me, it has been primarily membership web site revenue. Then affiliate income, then services.
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  • Profile picture of the author dereks
    I'm right there with Michael, I've been offering SEO services for the past several years, but I'd like to start offering products as this is how residual income is made. Offering online products means that you can make money whether you're working or not, which is extremely appealing of course.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ben Gordon
    I generate income via both ways. Products tend to either fail or succeed REALLY well while services tend to have a longer, stable income that you can depend on; however, it's never something that really 'spikes' in profit and generates a lot of money for you.

    One of my products did $500K after the first launch, re-launch and second re-launch, however, many of my other products didn't do as well while services have been something that's very stable and consistent, but again, something that never 'goes off the roof' and 'spikes' in sales and profit.
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    • Profile picture of the author Alexandre0
      Both business offers either in products or services can really create huge success. It is just a matter of focus and right mindset as to what you really want to develop and succeed. As i tried to do an analysis about successful business people in the internet industry, it is about creativity, innovation, and branding.

      I've been in the online industry for quite sometime, and I found it very compelling to create my own firm to generate more income. And I think I am on the right track. I am making cash better than what I used to. At the same time, I was able to help people by creating jobs and earn income. It's like hitting two birds with one stone.

      My firm has been operating for five months now, and my team tried to make a difference in terms of our service offerings which focused on quality but affordable SEO services, article writing, and website development. We did much in developing our own unique branding as an SEO firm that values integrity, excellence and customer focus. And we are very happy with the initial outcome of our business. We got some local businesses who availed our services, and we did our best to maintain that branding image.

      But of course, just like in the law of the farm, there is no shortcuts in internet business. We still need to develop and improve our networks, as well as our services, so we can achieve our firm's goals and objectives.

      We hope for the best in 2012!
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  • Profile picture of the author Mary Wilhite
    Having two to three sources of income is better. I sell services as well as products. The leverage for making more money is bigger services than in products.
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  • Profile picture of the author owenlee
    I am selling services as i feel that i can get different orders from the same customer...
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