What is the most effective method of paid advertising?

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I am new to IM and have just set up a clickbank account, an Aweber account with a squeeze page from Frank Kerns Info Millionaire system linked to both the Clickbank offer page and my Aweber account to start building a list.

I could do with some help on what the best and most cost effective method of paid advertising is. I am UK based and have approx £100 per month to start investing. Any returns I make on the affilliate offer will be put straight back onto the advertising in order to build my business, but I have no idea what works and what to avoid.

I have heard of something called Adwords but have also read that Google do not like Squeeze pages, so I am a little lost as to where to go from here as I have to market my squeeze page in order to start and drive traffic to the offer and start list building.

Any pointers would be very much appreciated as I really want to start getting some sales and building my list. It is my goal to be able to give up my crappy job within the next 6 months as I am a single dad of 5 and want to provide better for them all.

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    Adwords is googles Pay per click platform.

    Basically, google puts your banners all over the net and you pay(bid) a certain amount of money everytime someone clicks on your banner.
    People bid on how much they want to pay per click and the highest bidder at the time gets his banners/text link shown until he gets a click.

    It sounds easy, but the reality is that you can spend all your money and not make a single sale.

    Also, they are very strict on approving the ads. They do not want affiliates or affiliate sites. A long time ago, they use to let you run affiliate campaigns, now they do not.
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      Originally Posted by Webpromotion View Post

      It sounds easy, but the reality is that you can spend all your money and not make a single sale.
      Thats really tough decisions.

      How much does it really cost you? Have you tried it.

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    One last point.

    There are other PPC platforms.

    I would recommend 7search.

    They do not have the traffic volume that google has but they have decent traffic.
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    I suggest starting with free methods of getting visitors to your site, such as relevant articles, forum and blog comments, valuable content on your site, etc. Give something valuable (and relevant) to visitors, in exchange for getting their email address, and thus build a list of people who are interested in what you're trying to sell. Build trust, build your list, keep giving value, and people will start really listening to what you say.

    Yes AdWords can work well, if used correctly. There is plenty of info here on that. Do an advanced Google search for "Adwords" with warriorforum.com as the site, and you'll see relevant threads.

    Having said all that, ClickBank is one of the more challenging ways to start making money. It might be good to build up some knowledge and success with easier methods, then have a go at ClickBank when you are more experienced.


    If you have a product/course, or list/following, I will help you do a WEBINAR JV for best results. Click here now . . .

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      Hi Chris,
      many thanks for your reply. You say Clickbank is challenging for beginners?
      As I have no products of my own to sell I thought this was the obvious route to take but from what you have just said it seems not.
      What other methods of making money online would you recommend as being easier for me to get started??

      Kind Regards,

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    Adwords and affiliate marketing, in particular Clickbank and CPA offers...the best thing is you simple forget this idea, especially as a newbie.

    There are too many factors which will make this extremely difficult, if not impossible. (You need a LOT of knowledge to do this halfway successful). The fact that Google doesn't like affiliate sites anymore is just ONE problem.

    However, mind you that CLICKBANK itself is not "challenging", it's really more Adwords in combination with promoting affiliate offers. It's just not an ideal combo.

    But there are more ways to promote. I am not the "paid traffic" guy, i am sure there might be others able to give you ideas. I myself am a SEO guy that means i try to rank my sites/pages for keywords in Google. (Organic traffic from high Google rankings). But that's a whole different story altogether.
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    I would not suggest adwords traffic for list building. Try the regular methods, guest posting, commenting, forum posting etc. If you got money, you can outsource your work as well.

    Organic traffic and regular readers of other blogs can be a good source for your list.

    You can even start a blog for building the list. That way you can get some very targeted people on your list.

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      Hi and thanks for your reply. It seems to me that what everyone is saying is that squeeze pages are not the way to do it and that they are a thing of the past. So the mechanism I have put in place is not worth marketing till I change my initial page from a squeeze page to something else?

      Is it better to open a blog with a webform on then? I am hearing a lot about Wordpress blogs and that google likes them?

      Maybe I should start one of those and put a webform on it then add links to my affiliate offers on the blog itself and write regular articles / posts that are relevant to the offers. Is that a better way to start list building and get some traffic to the blog?

      Kind regards,

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  • Google pay per click is the best method, for several reasons:

    1, best visibility

    2, trackable

    3, higher click through rates (on average) than other ppc programs

    4, pay for performance

    5, the ads are cheap and easy to create, no need for expensive video/graphics

    Other types of advertising have their place, but in general you need pretty deep pockets to make them really work for you.
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    If you have any questions about how 7Search could add to your mix please let me know. I am glad to share a call or email with you and address any questions you might have.
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      Hi Brad and thanks for your reply to my post about paid advertising. Before I start investing money into paid advertising I want to make sure the mechanism I have in place is current and will work and also be accepted in 2012.

      The more info I read, the more I seem to be finding that squeeze pages are NOT the done thing these days? Google does not like them at all, or affiliate offers, so I am guessing Adwords is not going to work as they would not accept my ad anyway.

      Mant posts are talking about wordpress blogs with a built in webform as a way to begin list building.

      Should I replace my squeeze page with a blog before I start advertising??

      All I want to do is start and build a list to promote to, build a relationship with etc as this seems to be the way to a long term business online.

      I know I can do this and I am a fast learner. I can devote an hour or so each night after work to build this up and I dont have a timeframe that I NEED to work to. All I have is my goal to replace my current income of £800 per month so that I can then give up my daytime job and devote full time hours to this in order to grow my online business.

      What is the best way for me to do this in the next 6 months??

      Kind Regards,

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    Yahoo (via ad center) is over six times more profitable for the average business than Google Adwords.

    98.16% of Google Adwords customers fail within 10 days (run out of investment money without having made enough new sales to justify the investment).

    Only 88.5% of Yahoo customers fail within 10 days.

    That is from tracking how long advertisers stay on each PPC search engine on average.

    Start with Yahoo... not Google if you want to try PPC. We do for almost every keyword. Google does better with a few, but overall... Yahoo is much better.
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    Has anyone ever tried print media advertising. I am sure you can reach millions for less than a $100. And best you don't have to pay for keywords..

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    I have not tried them, but have you considered the social media? Facebook advertising?

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    Take time to absorb the information and try out a few things before moving onto something else.

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