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I’d appreciate a few thoughts and opinions on an idea I have. Sorry can’t go into specifics but will be as specific as possible.

We’ve all, I’m sure, read of the million dollar pixel page. Well I’m toying with an idea at the moment which is based closely on the concept of the million dollar pixel page but the work out is different.

In the million dollar pixel site there was one page (actually about three-quarters of a page) where the advertiser placed their ad. Mine is different in the sense that there are over twenty-five pages and each page has anywhere from one thousand to two-thousand individual cells laid out in a excel type format.

There is a very clear central theme running through all these pages, they are all connected by one or two common points. Let me try and give an example. For illustration purpose let’s assume my overall concept was Food. I might have the following pages Fruit, Meat, Fish and so on and so forth

With Fruit I might have Apples, Pears, Oranges and so on. The way I see it appearing on my webpage would be like.
Apple, Advertiser, Info, Info, Info. (each info cell holds no more than two words.

My research confirms that this particular project that I’m thinking of has never been done before.

I have two concerns and would like to hear opinions. As I said my page is laid out like a basic excel spread sheet and it runs down, on some pages there are over 2,000 rows – now that is one size of a spread sheet – and before you ask the concept would forbid it been divided into several shorter spreadsheets; it has to stay like this. Each page stands alone but each page must be complete.

I will be inviting an advertiser, or individual, to buy a cell or group of cells. The advertiser would place their announcement in a cell measuring 120x30 at a cost of $25. I have it set up that way because four cells would give a nice 120x120 block at a nice $100 – as a sales pitch I’m offering to give $5 out of each 25 dollar sale to five named charities – one dollar to each charity.

Imagine though what it would be like if you had 300-500 120x120 image blocks on one page and other individual, doubles, or treble image blocks! I’m not that tech orientated but I would imagine that would take some time to load – to long for most web surfers?

And of course there is the question of ‘below the fold,’ it is reasonably common knowledge that ads placed below the fold don’t do as well as ads above the fold and below my fold there is plenty of space!

My question really is this. If the concept is unique enough would that over-ride the problems that you’d face with pages of 2000 lines? I’m also wondering about the technicalities of producing such a large page – I use Dreamweaver and I’ve been messing about with this idea and the program freezes on a constant bases when I’m doing some editing

The number of slots I’ll have to sell will be in excess of 50,000

Apologies for the length of the post but don’t want to get consumed with work that technically is not really a goer – and that really is my fear

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