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Is there any way to move people that have bought your book or product from your mailing list to another list? I hate sending emails to people about buying the product I am promoting when they have already bought it.
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    Yes, I think there is a way to do that. I don't have my aweber account open at the moment, so my specifics might be off...but, log in and at the top there will be different menu options. One of them has an option that looks something like this:

    move listmembers from this list: xxxx to this list xxxxx

    This way you can get people to be on multiple lists, or you can get buyers to be on separate lists from potential customers. Sorry for not being too specific, but I hope this helps some.
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      One thing to note about aweber and moving people automatically, which I don't like:

      When you "automatically" move them to a new list (from prospects to buyers list, for example), the person has to opt-in to the new list again (if the list you are moving them to is a double opt-in.)*

      * Aweber allows you to have single and double opt-in lists, but they have forced some people to be 100% double opt-in, on all their lists.

      Keep this in mind, that it may not be seamless.
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    This is straight from AWeber.
    Can I Move Subscribers From One List to Another?

    There is not a "move" function in AWeber; however, you can use Automation Rules to achieve this.

    To do so, you will create an automation rule that causes someone to be unsubscribed from one list in your account when they sign up to another.

    Many AWeber users set up such a rule to unsubscribe people from a "prospect" list when they purchase a product and sign up to a "customers" list.

    How to Set Up the Automation Rule

    Go to the Automation page in your account.

    From the 'Current List' drop-down box, choose the list that you want people to unsubscribe/move from.

    On the Automation page, click the dropdown menu in the "Action" column and choose the first option (unsubscribe from list X when lead subscribes to).

    Click the dropdown menu in the "List" column and choose the list that subscribers will be signing up to. Click the SAVE button to the right.

    Now, when subscribers sign up to the second list, they will automatically be unsubscribed from the first one!

    Personly I would add them manually to another list and delete them from the first one.
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