What books can you recommend on internet marketing?

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I need to promote my online business, therefore I'm learning about internet marketing. Any good books or websites out there?
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    IM books or websites?:rolleyes: Your on a forum that I believe delivers so much more than any book or website about Internet marketing
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    You are on the #1 internet marketing forum.. there is nothing else you really need. Just use the search function for any answers your looking for.
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    One of the best books I've ever read is called "Web Copy That Sells" by Maria Veloso.

    This book will teach you a 5 step formula to ...well, writing web copy that sells! lol

    I use this formula, to this day, every time I write a new piece of content. It really does pull in a lot of sales and it can make a huge difference in the amount of income you are able to pull in simply by writing articles. (which is how I made my first dollars online)

    I highly recommend it for anyone looking to improve their copy writing and sales skills. (which every marketer should)
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    As others said read this forum, there is immense knowledge hidden here.

    Nobody has actually written a complete book on Internet marketing that covers all aspects. This is a new and dynamic branch and keeps on evolving.
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    Since your in the process of promoting, you may want to learn SEO first. You can see tons of great ebooks and you learn a lot from them. You can browse those ebooks here: www(dot)warriorforum(dot)com/warrior-special-offers-forum

    Can't post a link since I don't have enough posts
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    There are a lot of books, videos and forum posts you should check out. There are so many aspects to internet marketing that it would be impossible to filter out just a few books. My only suggestion would be to read as much as possible, regardless of what you read. That is the only way you can learn 'enough' about IM. Even professional IMers are constantly reading, to stay up to date with changes within the field.

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      Most people have offered good advice which generally translates as: "most of the good info can be found on THIS forum, and it's free".
      The only caveat I'd add to that would be to use tha Advanced Search function, and try to stick to threads and posts created in 2011.
      I often find a bunch of stuff from 2007/2008/2009, and, while a lot of that info is still valuable and still details basic techniques regarding mindset, etc, you will also find information which is quite dated, as many techniques which worked 5 and 6 years ago don't work at all today.
      There has been a massive shift from the old "solo ads", "ezines", and the like, to "social marketing", "web 2.0" promotion, etc, along with the fact that many ad networks have disappeared, or merged, or completely changed the way they work.
      Add to that the fact that the algorithms used by search engines have been updated a lot too, especially Google, and it becomes sensible to take much more notice of recent and current threads and advice.
      As far as SEM goes, nowadays, the ONLY thing, in general, which will attract the "love" from the SE's is quality content. Gone are the days when a bunch of cr*p would fly to the top of the results pages. Make your content unique, varied, and full of informative, quality, stuff, and you'll go far in this area.

      Good luck!
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