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I often think the two big things which cause warrior to struggle, lose heart and give up are inofmration overload and endless spending on other peoples products with no purpose in mind. I want warriors to succeed in 2012 so I'm offering a little tip that wil hopefully help them regain some focus.

At the heart of it is my advice to be on your own agenda and not somebody elses. Make 2012 the year of your profit by feeding your business. Your priority this year should be to focus on making more money than you spend. If you must spend money, only spend it on those things that will will put more money than you spend into your account and not those that do nothing but drain it.

My tip is not rocket science but when you're overloaded the simplest acts can be the most powerful.


If like me you have a dedicated email account for receiving IM emails, you'll know how it doesn't take long before there are thousands of emails are in there and before long you simply stop reading them. (Hot tip - if you don't already have such an account, get one)

How to spend 1 hour having a January cull of money draining emails that add nothing.

1) Clear down all emails over 1 month old. Face it, your simply not go to be able to get through them. If it's good stuff it will reach you in the end - be ruthless.

2) Sort your emails into "from" order so that your emails are in the order of who sent them to you.

3) Scan the emails from each sender. Look at, say the latest 10-15 emails. If they're all sales related with nothing but "buy" messages or have no quality content - click on unsubscribe. They might be quality IMers', but right now this isn't a relationship that is helping you.

4) After unsubscribing, delete all the emails from that sender.

5) Revisit the emails from the remaining senders. Delete all the sales information from them. Look at the tips and ask yourself do you really really need that right now? If not, clear it out.

You should now a much tidier in box which you can now manage with a lot more ease to help you focus on what really matters - getting your business into profit.

Wishing you a very golden and successful 2012.

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    oh its cool
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    A cleaner e-mail Inbox puts you in control and helps you focus on the key tasks. Thank you for sharing the info.
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    Very nice advice. I don't unsubscribe from most lists even if I don't open them cause I like to see the headlines no matter what, but making that choice not to open emails saves a ton of time and distractions.

    If you have a tendency to fall into shiny object syndrome, not opening emails and working on one project at a time is essential.
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    I not only cleaned out my email box, but went to all of the emails that I was getting and unsubscribed from the lists. Now, I hardly get any email. It's like I feel lighter or something.

    Oh, hi, I'm also new.

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      Originally Posted by LyndaL66 View Post

      I not only cleaned out my email box, but went to all of the emails that I was getting and unsubscribed from the lists. Now, I hardly get any email. It's like I feel lighter or something.

      Oh, hi, I'm also new.

      Yes, that's great Lynda, but what if the people on the other side that are subscribed to you - do the same? Your bank account I guess will be lighter too I hope it won't happen... but anyway.

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    Thanks for the timely advice. One other thing I've thought about are the threads I've subscribed to. They can fill up your inbox as well. It's okay for a brief time but for monthson end, when you only said "Thanks"?
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    Andrew, nice advice but I would actually go one step further. For a newbie I believe the distraction from such emails and hype is a major hold back. Furthermore if they are trying a product/method that doesn't work within the first week or two they go chasing the next. This is not going to lead to a path of success.

    Once they have found a method they believe in and will work hard at, I would suggest they don't even visit their IM email inbox or clear it out completely. Just forget about it and focus on making the product you have bought make you money. Only then return to look for another product when you know what it is that you need and want and make sure you're buying it for a purpose.

    I know Chad says he likes to read the headlines but this leads to a lot of newbies procrastinating and then getting excited about something else before they actually work on the previous product. It's time and money down the drain.


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    Depends... from a productivity point of view I agree.

    From a market awareness and knowing what's "hot" right now then I don't. When you're on lists that constantly punt things you often have a good idea of the hot products and hot topics right now including the ones people like, dislike and are converting.

    So if you're an affiliate looking for offers that convert -- it helps being on those lists.
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