5 FREE Best Online Tools Every Marketer Needs!

by nagidr
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Hey guys,
I wanted to share 5 free online design tools.
all are very useful for any marketer,i'm sure many will benefit from.
just as a giving back from me.

A great tool for anyone who can not afford photoshop,
Sumo Paint does more than just crop and rotate
images. In addition to having layers, as some other editors do, Sumo Paint has support
for blending modes and other advanced layering magic like drop shadow and outer
glow.super nice tool that i use a lot.

A cool online editor
Splashup Light for mobile computing and simple editing on the go can also be downloaded.

allows you to conveniently create or enhance your photomontage, free cards,
magazine cover and other funny jokes for you and your friends check it out it's very cool.


simple banner design maker, almost everything can be customized. It has the ability to add effects, such as glitter. The
banner comes with embed code, to be added in social media, forums and emails or wherever you need it.


a free graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work.

I hope you liked these tools,feel free to add other free online tools everyone can benefit from.
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