how can i increase my blog traffic

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pls who can provide me free ways to increase my blog traffic?
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    there is no free easy or quick way, some things you can do is post short articles with content related to your niche, and post them on different article directories such as or many others that are out there. that is one free way, but you can purchase traffic from sites like ad fly, its not expensive but its not targeted either, you can target specific regions of the world but still not getting targeted viewers, but still, i think 13,000 views only costs a little over $5

    Done Vida, Carpe Diem, Live, and Live Well :)

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    well really, to increase traffic to your blog you have to do seo on your blog. but personally i dont like to tell people to do seo cause then thats ALL they do. first of all make sure you are able to update your blog EVERYDAY with 1-3 new posts. if you have good content, people will start to share your posts themselves and you will get nice traffic that doesn't come just once, they come back again a few times a week to see whats new. if they come back and nothing is new, you just lost some potential traffic. GOOD content is the key to a long successful blog. GL
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    Originally Posted by clemogus09 View Post

    pls who can provide me free ways to increase my blog traffic?
    1) Contribute to conversations in forums and include link in signature.
    2) Guest blog for related blogs in your niche.
    3) Syndicate your content.
    4) Create a facebook page.
    5) Join relevant facebook/google/yahoo groups and contribute to discussions.

    Note: Do not SPAM!


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      Originally Posted by wfhblueprints View Post

      1) Contribute to conversations in forums and include link in signature.
      2) Guest blog for related blogs in your niche.
      3) Syndicate your content.
      4) Create a facebook page.
      5) Join relevant facebook/google/yahoo groups and contribute to discussions.

      Note: Do not SPAM!


      Excellent advice here!

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    Originally Posted by clemogus09 View Post

    pls who can provide me free ways to increase my blog traffic?
    There are a number of ways you can do this. First, you should be writing unique, quality content that provides value in the eyes of the search engines. This is a big deal with all the changes that have been made by Google and others. You can use forums. Find forums in your niche and make sure of the signature section. You can do blog commenting. Find relevant blogs in your niche, and leave your blog in the website section.

    Don't spam the forums or blogs. Just add to the conversation. These two thongs can bring in a lot of traffic. Also, you need to make sure you're getting ranked for keywords at the end of the buying cycle. You should also be using an SEO plugin on your site. Your site should include product reviews and articles about stuff related to your niche. This should get you headed in the right direction. Just do a little bit each day.

    Good luck,
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    Post in relevant forums with valuable helpful information. Answer other peoples threads with quality content and make sure to put your link in the sig when allowed. Of course, follow all the forum rules and post in only relevant and very busy forums. This gives you immediate clicks and great backlinks, too.

    To get some really great article syndication that gets you immediate targetted clicks and great future backlinks, write some unique, never before published, high quality articles and post them on and Make sure to set the share that it can be share but not modified and must include your bio.

    Once the article is cleared through those services, post them on your blog.

    and then when posted in your blog. Post the blog post url on the social networks using this auto software. (You must be a War Room member, which you should do anyway as it is the only thing I think you should buy as a newbie.)

    Seriously, if you set a program to do these things routinely and consistently, some daily, like the forum posting and some daily or less often, like the articles, you will build consistent, targetted hits to your site and these will convert well if you also have a great high converting squeeze page.

    Good luck.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

    Guaranteed 60% Opt In Rate Traffic-Real People-Fresh Today-High Quality Biz Opp traffic![/URL]
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      • Keyword research and SEO
      • Writing AWESOME content daily that people want to read
      • Reposting your content to the top article directories
      • Repackacing your posts as videos (powerpoint+voice) and posting to video sites
      • Guest posting on other site/blogs in the niche
      • Forum interaction (one of my favorites)
      • Facebook page with a "like-gate"
      • Twitter
      • Holding a contest (like my fb page, and comment on one post for a chance to win X)
      • Interview other people in the niche (The name draws SEO traffic)
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        In Blogger, First You insert Title, Description for your target keywords. You can put this in Design select HTML view, in source you visible head tag put title and meta description there.

        Now to get maximum traffic, do High PR Social Bookmarking and also promote with Social Networking sites.

        For Ex. make a Face book fan page and promote your site.
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    list building is a lazy way to send high quality traffic according to your niche to your blog! if you need it i can give itÃ' darthred2(at)gmail.... in case you want it! good luck!
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    Theres some good advice in here already, but to add to it:

    Submit your blog to StumbleUpon, make sure you submit it to search engines (Google/Yahoo/Bing are the most important ones)

    Make sure you're listed in DMOZ.

    Post comments on blogs that are RELEVANT to your blog, preferably ones with a high PR and then leave a link to your site.

    Share your site on Facebook/Twitter/Myspace or whatever social networks you use.

    If you have a list, send out a broadcast letting them know about your new blog & why they might be interested.

    If you have some spare cash to blow, try some paid advertising. Not sure if I would go that route just for a blog, but to each their own.. lol

    And again, there is plenty of good advice already posted in here by others. So just work on a variety of different ways to drive traffic. That way if something ever happens you dont lose all your traffic, just part of it.

    I had like 80% best answers on Yahoo, all pointing back to my sites. Then one day, a Y! Mod decided to take me from level 9 back to level 1, and removed all my answers for "self promotion"

    That wiped out a LOT of my traffic - I'm talking like 800 visitors per day. Thats how much traffic I lost when they removed all of my answers.. LOL I was so pissed.

    BUT I also learned from it. I discovered first-hand why you should branch out instead of relying on just 1 source. You want traffic coming in from all over the place, not just 1 or 2 sources.

    Just keep at it, you'll figure out plenty of things as you go along.
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    You need to get your page to rank higher on search engines, so you should create backlinks and customize your site as well. If you are new to SEO, you can read up on this anywhere online since most people agree that there is a set way to do this stuff. There is always advertizing on other sites/social media etc. It would help to know what your blog is about to answer this.

    >>>Get your websites ACTUALLY ranked by checking these out: Quantum SEO Labs, Home Page Link Building & SERP Ability. Want to get rid of negative listings? Check out Reputation Enhancer.

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    One thing I would suggest you do is set up an Google Alert around your targeted keyword. Google will notify you of new posts. You would then, go leave a targeted response to their article. "NOT SPAM". With a link back to your blog. 10-15 of these per day, within a month and you will receive a heavy dose of targeted traffic, not to mention serp improvement.

    Your own sites and ads only, please

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    1) Article marketing and link back to your blog

    2) Blogging and pinging (

    3) Youtube videos (put website address at bottom of video)

    4) Forum marketing

    5) Post everyday to your blog

    6) Submit blog to blog directories

    7) Submit blog RSS feed to RSS directories

    8) Focus on getting more blog subscribers so that you can get recurring visits from them

    9) If the numbers make sense... run PPC ads

    10) Implement SEO tactics in each blog post

    This should keep you busy for a while.
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    Something to keep in mind. Make sure you are using SEOPressor when posting on your blog so that you are getting maximum return on SEO. 90%+ seo targeted articles and blog posts makes a HUGE! difference to your traffic. Otherwise you just leaving traffic on the table...
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