Facebook Group vs Facebook Fan Page: Which one is Better?

by PaulSolid Banned
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as a marketer, which one of these facebook tool is much more better to use?
and that will be more productive?

Any idea?

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    Do both. Use the facebook fan page for a way of getting cheaper facebook ppc clicks. Do the double lead strategy like Jonathan Budd suggests. Get the like and the lead. Use the Facebook group as a huge mastermind group and make it private access only to keep it exclusive.
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  • Facebook Fan Page..... Simply because it delivers more traffic... In a page you need to add people but on a Fan page natural likes will come and if it is getting more popular in people then it will also move traffic to your site.

    You can update your daily status on your page. If people like them then there must be probably more chances to get more people liked it(simply because after the notifications moves in right hand side of Facebook) . But in a group it is shown only to limited people who are in Group and less chances that other will see it.

    Feel free to contact with me @ seoglobalexpert004@gmail.com

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    Thankz guys, Any possiblity of creating more than one fan page account from 1 facebook account?
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  • Yup mate..... It is possible... I have 7 Fan Page with my single FB account..........

    Feel free to contact with me @ seoglobalexpert004@gmail.com

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    Hi Paul,

    You can create unlimited pages from one account.

    I would focus on pages for a number of reasons.

    1) Viral nature

    Pages can go viral and self market themselves if you update them regularly with good content.

    2) Facebook TOS

    Important.....You cannot sell services or products from a facebook group or be seen to market for financial gain off one....thats part of their TOS.

    The only place you can essentially market from is a Facebook PAGE.

    There is nothing wrong with having a secret exclusive mastermind group.....

    Hope this helps

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    You can do both at the same price so why not? Personally though, I get more engagement from groups.
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    Facebook Fan Pages are generally better for a long-term relationships with your fans, readers or customers

    Facebook Groups are generally better for hosting a (quick) active discussion and attracting quick attention.
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    Another important item is that groups are limited to the number of people but you can message them all in one shot.

    Pages have unlimited numbers but you cannot message them in one shot. You can post updates....
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    It depends on what you’re looking to do. Groups are closed while Fan Pages are open to everyone. Personally I like Fan Pages better. In my opinion it’s easier to get my message out to a larger audience that way!
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    Another vote for fan pages from me. I don't use groups at all, fan pages are awesome and can get you so much more traffic and money.
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    I concur! Fan page is the way to go. I believe the limit is currently 5000 members for groups but no limit with pages so just start off the best way and you won't have to worry about trying to transfer over.
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