Two Domains - What what would you do?

by cballi
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I purchased a domain name a few months back. It was meant to incorporate two related niches - let's use weight loss and exercise as an example.

The problem is that I later decided I wasn't crazy about the domain name so I picked a second name. Neither of the two have great keywords. Now I am finally ready to start developing the site but keep going back and forth between which domain name I like better.

My question for Warriors is what would you do if you had two domains on the same (larger) niche? Pick one and let the other expire? Use both and cross-link?

I was strongly leading towards just using one b/c I would like to grow a larger site and don't have the time and resources now to develop two sites of ample size. But then I thought of using the other (since I have it) for loading up un-edited PLR and maybe articles from directories just to build up for...future use?

Would appreciate any ideas and/or insight.

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    Why don't you take the one you don't want, create a WP blog, add some content and sell it. That way you would be able to recoup some of your losses.
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    Hi Carrie,

    I did the same thing with two social media niche domains - both have good keywords but I am still undecided about which to go with and have opted for the easy option of forwarding both to a new blog I'm in the process of building.

    Your second option is to set up a wordpress blog, forward your least favourite domain to the blog and then post articles linking the blog to your other site with your favoured domain - you should pick up a fair amount of traffic if your articles are keyword targeted.

    The last option should be to just let your least favoured domain expire without at least covering your costs. If all else fails, add some useful keywords and cash parking for a few months to see what comes of it.

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    Hi Carrie;

    I would either choose just one of the two or ditch them both and register a domain that uses a better choice of keywords.

    For the unused domain, perhaps you could set up a wordpress blog with a half decent looking theme and then add the Unique Article Wizard to it - this would bring in unique content and could provide a small Adsense income.

    It could then be worth selling later on (before it expires) or you could set up a smart links plugin to link back to your main site.

    Best of luck whichever way you go
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    If you are not happy with the domain names, you can always just let them expire.

    Cut your losses so to speak.

    It's always best to work on site that you like the name of and have some confidence in.

    Best wishes.
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    Point both domains to the same site if they suit the same niche.

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    Use the site with the better name

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