Is Parenting a Good Adsense Niche, Does It Pay Well and has anyone here had success?

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I am passionate about parents and the up bringing of children. I see a lot abnormalities and I want to speak up. I would like to set up a niche blog and monetize it. Does this niche pay well? And I completely suck at driving traffic and SEO. Kindly drop me tips to help me out.
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    If you suck at traffic and SEO, do you have the money to pay a SEO expert? Any niche can pay well for adsense. Someone else's success will not necessarily translate into your success. There are tons of factors: keywords they rank for, style of site, position of ads, the differences in ads, content on site and much more. Sorry to say but internet marketing is like a bunch of scientists that test, and track to find winning experiments.
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      I have a client in that niche who is making money, but its not a lot. I'd suggest it as a market to break into so you can build trust and sell things to your client base in vertical markets (parents do buy other stuff too). The challenge is that you need a lot of credibility to make it happen. My client is a Dr and has been on CNN, the morning show and several other media channels. It's a tough sale, but with the right plan and products offered in vertical markets it could work out.
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