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I had always thought that when you ran a Facebook Ad, you had to send the traffic to a Facebook page. However, I clicked on one today that was asking people to take a quiz (just to see where it went) and it went to a regular website. Anyone know how to send to a website rather than a FB page?
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    Hi Seller,

    There are two types of Facebook ads: Sponsored Stories which link to a Facebook Fan page or Facebook Ad which allows you to link to an external URL e.g. a sales page for a product you are selling.

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    If you send it to a salespage/cpa offer chances are Facebook is going to find something to take your ad down. Try sending the traffic to a review page first to presell them, and then have that page link to the offer you really want to promote!
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    To specifically answer your question,

    When you are setting up an ad there is a drop down box with some selections. Off the top of my head I believe they are: Fan Page, Sponsored Stories, external url, etc.

    Select external url and put in the url you would like to send the visitor to. Like suggested by MacMiller, you will probably not get your ad approved if you direct link to a CPA offer. You are better off linking to a review site or landing page and ultimately you are at the mercy of your ad reviewer. I have had the same ad approved and rejected, and then approved again.

    Good Luck
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    Facebook Ad approvals need to follow certain guidelines, sometimes very strict.

    The good thing is that the final interpretation comes down to the actual employee,
    that being the main reason why Ad approvals seem to have random approvals and disapprovals.

    What I do, is keep track of the day and time my ads get approved.
    When I get an Ad approved that most of the time would not have gotten approved, I make a note of it---- day and times. And try to submit ads at similar days and times---- trying to hit the same person that first approved it.

    It sounds like a lot of work--- but one good ad can bring you big money.
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