How to safe my content?

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Hi guys..

Do you know any script or plugin to avoid people from steal my content on my blog? They can't copy the contents..

Appreciate your words... Thank
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    Your knowledge will help me from thieft
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    No one?.................................
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    The only way to keep people from stealing your content is to keep it off the Internet.

    This subject has come up hundreds of times here since the 1990s and every time someone has presented a "steal proof" solution I've made it a point to "steal" their content and then delete it from my hard drive.

    Why did I do that? Because if someone really came up with a way to prevent such theft I'd buy it in a heart beat.

    George Wright
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    There's probably some plugins but in reality, no there's no way of preventing theft of your content.

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    You might want to consider something like 'Ink.'

    INK - Own your content

    “On a site with INK installed, every time a user copies content, INK automatically adds credit back to your site. ”
    It won't top people from stealing, but it will give you a link back to your site, or at least give the perps something to think about. I'm sure it's quite easy to remove the code, but that takes some time and effort on the part of the person who is 'borrowing' or using your content without permission.
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    For your regular posts you might try HTML Code to Stop Downloading Images & Text aka No Right Click Prevention and How to report a Plagiarism Theft on your site.. It's a lame looking site, but its the info you might need.

    For things like PDF files that you want to restrict, try the free version of S2Member plugin

    Best of luck!
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    To report plagiarism - is fine.

    To try to prevent right-click... completely useless.

    You, guys, have too much time if you have nothing better to do than to worry about irrelevant things

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    It would be very difficult to stop people from copy your content but like Val said 'INK' should eliminate a high percentage of people as they won't bother messing about with the HTML.
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    - Wordpress plugin "WP Copyprotect" - will prevent people from copying and pasting your posts

    - Copysentry....a service from Copyscape where you can protect your blog posts. Free for 30 days then $5 a month

    - TYNT script - free service. Whenever someone copying and pasting your content, they will give you free backlink in return
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    Hi I believe this is the plugin you want

    WordPress Protection Plugin below is its description:

    WordPress Protection Plugin provides complete security for your wordpress website, so that the plagiarists could not copy the content and steal data or images from your wordpress site Pages. By using the WordPress Protection Plugin (Basic), you can disable the text-selection and block the use of right click on your website. However, to apply full security to your wordpress website, you can purchase the Professional WordPress Protection Plugin.

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