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Well, I thought I had a real winner through December with an Amazon site of mine but unfortunately I am being sucked back to reality.

Okay this site was brand new in late August and I started seo work on it right away. The macro-niche is toys so this is certainly something I was targeting for Christmas.

So, based on my attached screenshot, is the traffic surge just plain old holiday rush traffic and now it has just returned to "normal" or is that kind of traffic spike more indicative of some higher initial rankings due to initial seo work and now rankings have perhaps dropped?

It really is a downer to go from selling 5 to 20 items a day and see some income rolling in and now I basically haven't had a sale since December 27th...and that was only one.

Basically now my exiting visitors to Amazon per day has dropped back below that threshold where you can count on any know maybe one sale every few days here or there.

So is this something where I need to take corrective action, or if I have a site in a niche like this should my whole yearly work strategy for the site be to get it smoking hot for November and December?

-never had an Amazon site that showed success like this one
-never really had a site get traffic like this
-never targeted anything for the Christmas season

So basically I just need some direction on where to take it next. Perhaps this is a good candidate for a site to sell? I know I can make it happen again so I am not afraid to explore that option either.
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    I would be very interested in hearing one of the Amazon experts weigh in on this as well. I presume there is always a spike in December and then traffic falls off. December is the biggest shopping month of the year. I have a couple of Amazon sites that definitely saw an uptick of traffic in December and now have fallen back to being pathetic again.

    Any advice from someone well versed in Amazon would be really cool!
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    I'm new to micro niche marketing with Amazon, however I do have Amazon on my main frugal blog and I do pretty well. For one thing, statistically people buy more during the holiday rush and it trails off in January. It's normal and is just the shopping cycle. I highly recommend researching shopping cycles since toys are your niche. I was told by several other frugal bloggers that since I was new (my blog was established in Oct 2011) that I'll see a spike in Amazon profits since it is the shopping season but not to be surprised if it goes down after the holiday.

    Is that your only niche Amazon site?

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    Yeah, it's completely normal with Amazon sites. Even if you didn't target anything Christmas-related, people still do lots of their Christmas shopping on Amazon, and in January people stop buying because they have no money. Things will probably pick back up to normal around March-April, and then start rising again after September/October until Christmas then rinse/repeat.

    It's simply life in a retail environment.
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      Yes it was my first Amazon niche site I had ever attempted. In other niches but never tried amazon. So I was pleased with the results, but also never really focused on products that would be big during the holidays either.

      My other product sites are need based and don't really have ups and downs relating to any holidays.

      Consensus certainly seems to be "just how things go" in terms of retail, so I will look forward to the coming months as people come out of their "buying too many things" hangover.
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