Am I on the right track? and Is affiliate marketing really neccessary?

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Hi Everyone,
I am new to the PLR game and I am desperate for some advice. I am a freelancer/ghostwriter and was inspired to get into PLR after reading Tiffany Dow's plr atm E-book. (Thanks Tiffany!) I have to say that I am pretty mad about writing several hundred articles for other people to make money off of. I have the talent, the degree and the ambition to make this successful but what I am lacking is insight and guidance.
So here is what I have done so far:
I've created my website (just waiting to buy the domain)
I know how to do market research and analyze keyword relevance
I'm getting all my content together with the highest quality possible
I've got my payment system in place (just waiting until I can afford Download Guard to set up automatic delivery)
I'm putting myself out there on forums like this
I have a few useful contacts, but not many
And as soon as I have my own domain I will submit to google, yahoo, etc. and article directories

So my question is, Am I on the right track? I feel like I'm just treading water right now lol

Also, do I really want to get into affiliate marketing game now or should I wait until I'm ready to put out information products? Reading other people's posts make it sound like its not worth the trouble and you pay large commissions. I admit that I do not know very much about this stuff and any advice you can give is greatly appreciated!
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    Since you've done your keyword research, set up your website and successfully achieve other things, why not give it a try? You will never know if something works until you give it a try. Affiliate marketing have worked for many and it can also work for you.
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