Fake Articles in Internet Marketing different than offline?

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I just wanted to get the Warrior community's thoughts on this. I know many people feel that using fake articles to market products is deceptive.

So here's my question: Is there a difference between running a fake article advertisement online compared to when marketers ran them offline in newspapers?

The famous oldschool direct marketers called them Advertorials, online marketers call them Farticles.

I know this was a common tactic by high-profile copywriters such as Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, etc. Its seems to get way more heat when a marketer employs the same tactic online.

Perhaps its because IMers are more aggressive with claims.

Let me know your thoughts...

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    Yes! I actually think about this quite a bit when IMers run around screaming "scam".

    Every day there are commercials that tell seniors they can borrow against their home and travel with no approval or credit check. The commercials fail to advise the seniors that doing so puts a lien against their home and they no longer own it.

    There are TV commercials that claim "Lost 30 lbs in 10 days" and other crazy "results not typical" claims.

    And never mind all the celebrity endorsements who are not users of the product or service they are endorsing. Unless you count a bunch of freebies as part of their compensation package.

    Even CNN regularly has news bulletins that lead to "advertorial" web sites.

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    Depends on how you construct it.

    If deceptive, you should avoid the practice.

    But not all advertorials are deceptive.
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    I wouldn't know. I feel as if I can spot things like that so I do not go there, Im still with the thoughts of get a great product give it to a few select marketers to try out them market the hell out of it. Should take a fake anything to sell it if its good. Now if its an old hashed out product, guess you would have to do things like that.
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    I would agree with a previous warrior. If its deceptive, I would steer clear of it at all costs if necessary.
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