Anyone Signed the EU Cookie e-Petition?

by Dan J
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Calling on fellow UK IM'ers, I am not sure if you have already heard, but a cookie law is going to be fully enforced this May of which will pretty much screw us over in sales, data collection and any other cookie related factors.

Read more on the law on the following thread: EU Cookie Law Thread

For those who do know about it and would like to sign a petition, sign it here online: EU Cookie Law e-Petition

We need 100,000 petitions signed in order for it to be debated in parliament, so for fellow Brits, get signing! Let's not let the government bother our lives even more!

Spread the word around guys and girls. Much appreciated and Happy Belated New Year

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    From the U.S. but don't sweat it, I am sure there are a ton of marketers out there working right now to bypass the law. You will have a solution to it, I can just about promise you that.

    Remember when ebay said no more digital products. Hop on ebay see for yourself. I in fact built a website that would put your digital product to cd and we would mail it for you.

    Plenty of solutions coming your way.
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