Why go for Black Hat?

by hason
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Hi All Friends,

I would like to know why some People go for Black Hat Seo knowing that it can harm their site.

Do you have any idea?
Please tell me the logic behind it.
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    There are many different degrees and levels of Black hatting something.

    The logic behind it is that you make more money faster, there is a risk, but in the mean time that you get caught---- you can make a considerable amount of money.

    and some blk hat ters do not get caught for years ---
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    The same reason people deal drugs. You can make fast money and take lots of shortcuts.
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    The risk of getting your site banned is part of the planning.

    It's a numbers game. If you can set up a site and get traffic in an hour that makes you $200 before it's banned, just repeat with another site.

    The drug analogy doesn't hold unless you do illegal stuff. (or sell drugs where it is legal, but then it's just like any other business)

    Most of us are gaming the search engines in one way or another. Some play it safe and some don't.
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    hah, ohh man. You guys are cute! (pinching cheeks).

    Leave Google! Pass it on!

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    Black hat SEO shows the result instantly and helps on earning money soon.And will also banned soon.Those who are in hurry uses blackhat SEO and regrate later for what they have done.
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    Personally for me, I think everyone does a little bit of black hat however I would never advise it to some extents people do it to. Its very sly and can result in your site been penalised although will most likely give you good rankings for a small period of time
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      The simple reason is over-saturation.

      That was what gave birth to black hat seo and a lot of people even use it on lesser competitive niche because it has made us lazy.
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        There is a world of difference between Black Hat and Black Hat. Nowadays most people use buffers in there linkbuilding schemes. They create a bunch of web2.0's/blogs (automatically or manually) and then blast the hell out of them with spammy Xrumer / Scrapebox links. Till today it still works without having the risk of getting your money site penalized. Personally I feel more for creating these web2.0's manually so you can easily add a few pictures or a video to make it look more human. Many times I saw my blog being deleted after I made it with automatic tools like Senuke, seolr, magic submitter.
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      I agree,

      If you are thinking "black hat" in relation to ranking sites in Google, then it is merely Aggressive Link Building and nothing more...

      Some people choose to exploit the holes that are left all over the web where they can push and shove as many of their links as possible and almost free/low cost.

      The cost/benefit analysis of aggressive link building, the gains USUALLY outweigh the losses if it is planned and executed correctly.

      Aggressive link building is NOT illegal, however, many can argue how immoral it is and such.

      Basically, as a few posters before me mentioned, the goal is to rank FAST, make as much money as possible before your site gets sandboxed or banned by google, then rinse and repeat.

      This method works well for "niche testing" to find out whether or not you can earn revenue in that niche and whether or not it is worth while spending substantial amount of time and money building "white hat" sites and focusing on "long term" SEO efforts to try and build a site or a few sites in that tested niche that will slowly but surely rank and hold their positions for longer periods of time.

      Things that may be considered "black hat" are things like, Cookie Stuffing, Click Jacking, Cloaking, etc...
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    simple. blckhatters know (and believe) that's the "fastest" way to make money, in shortest time possible.
    Those who have time and search for a better time will lose time (Sufi Proverb)
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      Where do you feel the line goes between black and white hat?
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    The adrenaline rush of fast money before getting "hit"
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    Black Hat SEO = Fast Link Buildings = Fast Results = Suddenly Come in Top = Suddenly Went Back = Fast Money

    White Hat = Slow and Steady wins the Race.
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    People go for the black hat technique only when then 1.They do not have time to wait. 2.Need fast result. 3. Season of the business. 4.Need more money in Less time.

    I like to Participate in Communities ........

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    I agree with all the comments above. If you know what you are doing and if you can count the numbers, you can earn some fast money, even with the plan of banding the site. It really depends on your strategy. And in some cases it might me "The adrenaline" as Eduard Stinga said.
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