How to use the blog to earn money?

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I am beginner at the blog. I've heard someone can make blog to earn money, I don't know how to use blog to make money. I've created a blog, could you give me some instruction how to use the blog to earn money?
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    Focus on helping your target niche solve a problem. Let's say its a man and he has a small package. Help him enlarge it. Help him keep it up. Help him pick up more women now that he has a bigger package that can stay up. Help him solve that embarrassing problem.

    Have ads on the site. Have a pop up email box offering him a free course with pictures or videos giving him a tease and a way to fully solve the problem. Build a list on that site and give value. Offer products after you have given value. Have banners on the side of the blog with your affiliate links in them. Have affiliate links in your posts. Be informative as your first priority like you are focusing on helping a close friend. Suggest the solution in the same way you would suggest to a friend.
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    Originally Posted by xnbtgxae View Post


    I am beginner at the blog. I've heard someone can make blog to earn money, I don't know how to use blog to make money. I've created a blog, could you give me some instruction how to use the blog to earn money?
    For a complete beginner, like yourself...

    Go here, The Challenge
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    And,, Don't forget to check out Google Sniper 2.0 as well. It'll fill you in on a few things you should know. It's a very helpful course when you're starting out.

    It's simple and understandable,,, go newbies,, go now to George


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    In life and even in a blog, you make money by solving people’s problems.
    Think of the problem people in your niche have and provide the solution.

    You can make money by:
    -Writing an ebook and selling it;
    -Selling videos;
    -Coaching someone;
    -Selling services;
    -Google adsense;
    -And even a combination of all the above.

    To start with you need to have the traffic to your blog.
    There are various strategies for getting the traffic.

    However, the most common are:
    1. Providing unique valuable content,
    2. Social media strategies,
    3. SEO strategies,
    4. And advertising.

    At this point when you are new it is important to read as much as possible. Ask as many questions as possible. You need to understand strategies, tactics, tricks that people use to grow an online business.

    Lastly, do not give up. You may take months before you make even $100 online. That doesn’t mean you can’t make money. It only, means that you do not have the combination key to the safe yet.

    Cheers and welcome to the forum.
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    A blog is also a site just that this time you have the capacity to add new content and interact with your readers.

    In essence, it automatically means you can do anything people do on their site with your blog such as:

    Promote your product
    Promote affiliate products
    Sell ads and many others.
    Grow your social media account, Spotify Streams, YT Views & IG Followers & More
    Software & Mobile APP Developer
    Buy Spotify, Facebook Bot & IG M/S Method
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    To monetize the blog, you could:
    1. Put Adsense (the famous way to monetize blogs)
    2. Put CPA banner
    3. Put Clickbank affiliate products
    4. Sell Adspace on your blog. People put their banner ads at your blog (you could use Buysellads to looking for the advertisers)
    5. Review people's product and post the review on your blog
    6. Sell link/ blogroll on your blog

    Hope this list helps
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    hey Mary Wilhite, can I ask -How to sell videos??

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      You can try free blogging services like blogspot blogging and after you can apply for advertising program which helps you to earn money through blogging.
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    Join affiliate program to earn money.
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    Tons of tutorials are out there about making money with your blog.

    Check out:

    Make Money Blogging
    How to Make Money From Your Blog
    5 Ways To Make Money Blogging in 2011

    That should start you off....

    Hope that helps!
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      Best way to get started with blogging is to get a free blog from blogspot, then choose what niche you want to build your site around and start getting traffic from link building, SEO techniques which can be found on this site, advertising (I would stay far away from Google Adwords if your a newbie). Keep updating the blog 3-4 times weekly as you will get visitors that will keep coming back for new content, if they see that you have not written for a couple of weeks then they may not be coming back.

      Once you have the blog up and traffic then you start making money by putting ads from Google Adsense, selling clickbank products on your website etc.

      Once you start just keep at it and you will be successful in the long run!
      Ever Wonder Why The Top 3% Of Online Marketers Make More Than The Other 97% Combined! >>>>><<<<<
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    Whichever method you use make sure to stick with it. most people fail because they give up to soon.
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    Try to promote the product via the affiliate program site. These how you could earn a sale commission.

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    If your blog provides genuine value, you fully deserve to earn income from it.
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    This is what I do on my blog. I write unique articles on my blog, that is unique content which contains keywords in your niche. Make sure that the content is absolutely unique, that simply means do not submit that content to any other place online.

    Have your squeeze page at the top left navigation bar along with the form for people to subscribe. This will build your list.

    Also link the bottom of your blog with your squeeze page link.

    Now focus and drive all your traffic to your squeeze page. This will build your list of subscirbers. Build relationship with your list and then promote them your products. Give them useful content and they will consider you as an expert in your niche.

    Occassionally you can even blog your product or affiliate product recommendations.

    To drive traffic to your blog, I would advise you to write another set of articles and submit them to, warrior forum article directory and then mass submit your articles using some mass article distribution software.

    In the resource box make sure you link your blog with some targeted keyword you wish to rank for. Do this for few hundred articles and you will see traffic rolling to your blog and earn some good income in the process...

    Want to know my true story & how I got started with my internet business? What kind of problems I faced to get started & how I finally cracked the internet code? I have also prepared a 30 day blueprint for you to get started. No signup is required, just rush in to check out pure content ==> how to start an online business - And yeah, if you like what you read don't forget to 'like' & 'tweet' it. All the best :0)

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    adsense, affiliate, or selling space
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    I'm just starting out trying to attract some affiliates....... any idea what would attract affiliates to put a relevancy unknown website on their site?

    I've only just got my site on the domain name (had it at cost price from Siteopia) so i'm concerned some affiliates might not be interested. Wanted to pay our primarily on total basket value.
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    Before setting up a blog you need to know the purpose of setting it up.if your has visitors already,you can monetize with adsense but as a should concentrate on affiliate marketing because you get alot of support from the owner of the product. Look around this forum,you will see more information.
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  • Even though I don't like blogs as money-making venues, I'd recommend you to write a blog is a niche you're passionate about, so your blog is firstly a hobbyist blog rather than a money-making tool. If you build up an audience, no matter the niche, you will be able to monetize it eventually.
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    If you want to make money with your blog, the best way to do it is through a "problem solving" technique, which I believe that most of these bloggers are implementing it already. General information can't really give you a nice conversion, just try to identify the problem that is related to your niche and create some solutions.
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    I just started the blog with same idea of Earning with the blog you check it hope you will get some idea for my Blog "to know Blog"
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    One of the great advantages of blogs is that it is very easy to get search engine traffic since the robots love freshly updated site. You can then moneytize your blog traffic with variety of different methods such as Adsense and selling advertising space, products, and services.
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    All great ideas here! The question was so simple and yet requires a very broad answers. Many ideas and different methods, finding the one that works for each of us is another challenge for all newbies including me. To get approved with adsense was my starting point to explore more on IM.
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    instead of blog you can use social bookmarking or online directory
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    SEO your blog posts and that gets people over. Then give them good content and put them on your list. Or have an optin page on your blog. That works tremendously well for us...infact one of our high ranking blogs get 80-100 subscribers a day.
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    Originally Posted by xnbtgxae View Post


    I am beginner at the blog. I've heard someone can make blog to earn money, I don't know how to use blog to make money. I've created a blog, could you give me some instruction how to use the blog to earn money?
    You need to be in a profitable niche like dating, weight loss, make money, video games...the list goes on and on. You then need to be promoting products and/or services that people are searching for. Your blog should contain both product reviews as well as articles discussing various topics in your niche. You also need to be either writing or outsourcing unique, quality content. The search engines will reward you for it.

    Good luck,
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    I would post to your blog at least twice a week that seems to be the optimum amount of posts,I do a post every other day on I.M and traffic creation but at least twice a week is good, also traffic zombie seems to be great for blog traffic.
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    1) Write everyday

    2) Have a "subscribe to blog" box on blog

    3) Write at least 400-word articles

    4) Ping your blog after every post

    5) Implement on-page SEO strategies

    6) Submit to the blog directories

    7) Submit your blog's RSS feeds to the RSS directories

    8) Put Google Adsense on your blog at the top and on the side, and in between posts

    9) Sign up for Clickbank or Amazon affiliate program and start promoting products

    10) Sync your blog to where your blog posts are sent to Twitter automatically after every post
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      You have tons of options with a blog - use it as a jumping off point.

      Your target audience will have a lot to do with how you monetize it.

      Is a tech-focused blog, personal musings blog, coupon offer blog?

      In the above examples, I would do Amazon links for the tech focused blog. The personal one could have a CPA offer in a post, you could recommend a service or product on Clickbank even. The coupon offer blog would be good for CPA or even Adsense, if you're so inclined.

      Hope that helps!
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    Answers to your question are great. It seems like you've come to the right place to find out what type of potential you can have from your blog. Don't get over whelmed by the amount of options that you have with a blog. Pick one that is fun to do and expand on it.

    Key move here is to get started and don't stop.
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    Hi, here's a site that explains how one can make money out of a blog:

    How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs
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  • Profile picture of the author paul_1
    Hi, here's a site that explains how one can make money out of a blog:

    How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs
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    I'll put it as simply as I can, since you're still a beginner and have a lot to learn. Here I am assuming you actually have a blog.

    Step 1- Generate traffic to your blog by uploading unique content, doing search engine optimization (adding links to your website, customizing your pages to make them search engine friendly etc).
    Step 2 - Identify the kind of audience you are getting - their age, gender, location etc.
    Step 3 - Find products on Clickbank that they might be willing to buy and place a link on your site to sell them. You will get a commission for each lead you get the product.

    I hope this helps. Remember, this is a really simplified guide on how to make money through blogs. It is a lot more difficult than it sounds, specially at the start.

    >>>Get your websites ACTUALLY ranked by checking these out: Quantum SEO Labs, Home Page Link Building & SERP Ability. Want to get rid of negative listings? Check out Reputation Enhancer.

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  • The better way to make money through a blog is to become a strategist. Set yourself to provide solutions in areas such as social media, SEO, advertisement etc.
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    Since you are a beginner.... Start with ad-sense..... sign up with other publishers as well..... concentrate on contents and SEO after putting ads AND be consistent...

    Best of Luck...


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    baclinks will help to get traffic and sales

    Group of SEO Tools for one low monthly charge

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