How can I monetize this Golf site?

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HI everyone,

I have a website that a potential client bailed out on after weeks and weeks of keeping me hold... Lessons learned.

Anyway, the site is here:
Golf Site Example

It was just the initial 1st draft, so it's on my own server on a sub domain.

Do you have any ideas on how I could best monetize this site? Any feedback will be much appreciated, thank you.

Warmest regards,

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    Try getting a golf related product from Clickbank and try to advertise it on the website.
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    Nice site! I would try to put a autoresponder on the site to capture subscribers for email marketing!
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    Yea. Search CB for related products or perhaps run a review page for products as well.
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    To monetize the site, you could:
    1. Put Adsense on the site
    2. Sell Clickbank affiliate products (sell ebook that guide about golf)
    3. Sell Adspace (people put their banner ads on your website)
    4. Sell links/ blogroll, if your site have high PR
    5. Write review for other products and post the review on your site
    6. Put amazon affiliate (sell golf physical products)

    Hope this quick tips helps
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    Get it ranked for big golf terms and put some adsense on it.

    It's very simple.

    But I'd recommend you use another domain instead of using a sub.
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    Such a beautiful website you have there. Hope you are making some serious cash with it you can try adding in an Opt-in form on the Top Right hand site of the page.. Include an Adsense at the bottom of the page, somewhere not quite visible.. and of course you shouldn't miss out on promoting Amazon, create a page mainly on promoting Amazon products (Physical products) - I believe it will take your website to a whole new level.

    Just my point of view here,

    hope this help, may God bless you,
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      I agree with Jeremiah, he could have not said it better. Listen to what he posted, it's 100% on point.
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      I agree that it is a very nice looking site but I do not think you can monetise it at all if I'm honest.

      It is entirely about one particular golf club, and they may object for starters! The whole look and feel of the site gives the impression that it is the official Westhill Golf Club website...

      Also, consider who owns the copyright in the images and content? That may or may not be an issue.

      You'd need to put it on a domain with Westhill Golf Club in the url and no doubt they would object to that too.

      It could form the start of a larger site with info on a number of golf clubs, monetized with adsense perhaps, but that's it really. An opt in golf newsletter might work then too.

      Otherwise, someone looking for info on Westhill Golf Club will be a browser not a buyer and so monetizing with the likes of Amazon would be a waste of time.

      Sorry to be the prophet of doom!
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  • Thanks for all the great answers so far. They have been really helpful. I now know I should've added some more info to my original post.

    The site is a test page I set up for a potential client. They already had the domain, but were not happy with the design. They've since created their own design.

    The images belong to them, apart from the header and the sidebar design. The copy I rewrote for them based on the few words they had on their site at the time. This can and will be changed.

    The layout/design is 1005 mine and can be adapted for any other client on any other domain.

    I really have no interest in the Golf niche, so was hoing to get some feedback on whether, or how I could flip this site for dollars and approx how much.

    Once again, thx for all the tips, I really appreciate them all. if you could add any additional feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again.

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