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I am planning to start Amazon review sites. Is it a good idea to start geneneral sites like Gardening or specific sites say one on seeds etc.
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    Personally I'd say you should start off with something specific like seeds so that you get an easier keyword to start off with. Just make sure you do sufficient research on various keywords and the ease with which they can be optimized. You can expand into more related products once you have established a base site on a very specific niche.

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    Originally Posted by sidcandid View Post

    I am planning to start Amazon review sites. Is it a good idea to start geneneral sites like Gardening or specific sites say one on seeds etc.
    Gardening tools & equipment might be a good niche, especially if you have a genuine interest in Gardening, since it would make it fun to work a,t and it will also show through when you build your site.

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      Try a sub niche within Gardening as it will be a lot easier to rank for keywords as it would be for Gardening in it self
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      If you are just starting out I'd probably go with a more specific site. I'd target a category within gardening and focus on building that up. You could always eventually expand and build a more general site.

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    Start with specific sites.. once you have a good number of them use them to juice up your authority site.
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    If you already had a broad gardening domain name, you could use the multi-site capability of WordPress to create the main site and then subdomain sites for each niche under your broad gardening site and could even get a separate domain name to redirect to the sub-niche sites. Your main site could contain RSS feeds from the others. That would create several links back and forth.
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    In my experience, both broad and narrow niches can work for Amazon review sites - for example I have one site that is about woodworking tools and it covers a wide range of niches within that. I also have other sites that are so narrow that I can only get a few product reviews on there before running out of options. They all work well and generate commissions.

    What I like about the more broad sites is that if they are working and getting traffic, you can scale them out into sub-niches a lot easier, and get quicker traffic when you do add subsections to the site - because the site has been around for a long time and already has some trust with the search engines. It's easier than building many new sites a lot of the time for me.

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