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UPDATE: I found out that there are unauthorized charges on one of my credit cards. But the charges are listed under "Google Treasure Chest". In any case, I never heard of or ordered anything from these people. Not a free CD or anything else.

I immediately called my credit card company. They put a block on Google Treasure Chest and advised me to close my account and get a new one. I also have to file a dispute. Luckily, the disputed charges will not figure into my balance while the dispute is on-going.

I got a CD in the mail from Google Money Tree. The message on the CD cover says it's the Make Money Online Kit that I ordered. But I never ordered any kit. I never even heard of Google Money Tree before receiving this CD.

I'm 100% sure I never ordered from these people. I searched online and see that people say this is a scam. They tell you they'll send you a free CD for $3.88 shipping and handling but hide the fact that you're actually enrolling in a $72 per month membership program. Then you pay the $3.88, receive the kit, and have 7-days to cancel your membership.

So I immediately checked my credit card statements and bank account for signs of fraud and the $3.88 shipping fee. Like I said, I never signed-up to receive anything from these people. There were no signs of any such charge on any of my accounts.

Does anyone know what's going on? I don't know how these people got my information, unless they got it from another marketer that I did purchase something from.
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    If I had a nickel for every time I've been spammed about Google Money Tree in the last 2 months, I could retire to a warm tropical beach ............ LOL

    Never have received anything in the mail though. Maybe they are trying to get you to sign up so they can obtain your payment info????



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    The law is that if you get something in the mail that you didn't order that it is yours. I wouldn't worry about it, but see if there's any valuable information on it, you never know!

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    I got a called from google tolding me that I was going to receive the google cash kit of some kind never ordered that neither did I received it

    guess they got my email from someone
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    hmm, did it have your name on it? Maybe someone put the wrong address on their form. Was there ever an answer to this I'm curious..

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