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Hey guys,

I haven't posted in a while due to a ton of personal issues. The skinny is that my wife & I purchased our first home and only a few days later were involved in a serious accident on the interstate (semi-truck).

None of this is anyone's problem - but I'm in a situation where I need to liquidate some domains to get some cash flow in to offset all of our new expenses until the lawsuit is settled. Yes, I am making money, but I have this crazy notion that all of our bills should be paid every month and on time.

Anyhow - I have about 20 domains that are OK, no big stunners but ones that I'm sure if I could find the right audience would sell. I've had an account at Sedo for years and never had any luck with that. I'd post them on Flippa but I don't have them developed and those seem to be the only ones that move (and I refuse to bloat up #'s to make a sale).

I'm flexible on a commission as well - I just need some liquidity right now. If you or someone you know can help broker these domains it would NOT be forgotten!

If you're going to ask me to post the domains, I will not - however if you indicate interest I can PM you with them. Feel free to post here or PM me with nay leads you might have.

Thanks a BUNCH Warriors!
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    I'm not a broker (I don't sell other people's domains), but my advice to you is to research the keywords used in each one of your domains. Determine who is advertising using those keywords by searching Google for the exact keywords in quotes, and taking note of the sponsored ads. Visit each advertiser's website to determine which of these could benefit from owning your domain. Contact them individually and let them know they can save quite a bit on their adwords campaign by using an exact match domain like yours, to appear in the organic search results.

    In Sedo, be sure to list a buy now price. You'll get much more action than if you don't.
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    Thanks a bunch for the insights Gene

    Sounds like a good action plan for this weekend.
    Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one’s ideas, to take a calculated risk – and to act.
    -Andre Malraux
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