Over $30.9 Billion Spent Online Last Holiday - How do You Get YOUR Piece of the Pie?

by PaulV
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Research shows that buying products online is becoming more common for consumers.

This means that as an internet marketer you have even more opportunity to make more money!

Consumers had spent over $30.9 billion toward online purchases during the holiday season according to Reuters.com. This is a 15% increase from last years spending.

What have you done to get your piece of the pie?

If you want to make money quickly it may take a while to rank for buyer keywords the traditional SEO way by setting up a site. But fortunately there is video marketing which can allow you to rank in Google and YouTube within minutes.

Here's what I recommend:

- Find a product name keyword on Amazon.com and do some searches in Google's keyword tool. If the exact match search is 1,000 or above then save this in a list. (If you are not an affiliate for Amazon you will want to apply for this first. It shouldn't take them too long to approve you. Or you could use other networks that sell physical products like Commission Junction).

- Check to see the competing videos for this keyword by typing it into Google and checking the first few pages. If there are competitors that have dozens of videos uploaded, thousands of video views, as well as hundreds of comments and likes then it may be best to move on to check another keyword. Don't get discouraged.

There are PLENTY of low-hanging-fruit keywords out there. It is very common for physical products to have a little amount of competition!

And this competing videos may be very new, with only a few videos uploaded, and a small number of views, likes and comments. In this case it can be very easy to outrank them!

- So collect some keywords that have over 1k searches per month and have this low level of competition, and create your video. You can either outsource this task on Fiverr.com or make a video slideshow yourself using free resources like Windows Live Movie Maker. Upload this video on YouTube. You will need to create an account first or you can use an old account if you already have one.

- After it has uploaded submit its video RSS feed by using software, outsourcing or for free at: tools.950buy.com/rss-submit/ You can edit his code below with your details to get your video's RSS Feed gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/YOURYouTubeCHANNEL/uploads?orderby=updated&vq=THE FULL TITLE OF YOUR VIDEO

- Then go over and submit some social bookmarks to your video. I personally use SocialAdr but you can also find someone on fiverr, use software or submit social bookmarks at no cost here: automator.com/tools This tool is not going to give you the benefits of a paid resource but it will at least get you some bookmarks quickly.

Additional Backlinks...

It is also very common to have conversions and sales take place without even being on the first page of Google or YouTube.

But sometimes video marketing can take a little time before you bring in the big bucks. If you are targeting a competitive keyword phrase and you need to be on the 1st page of Google then backlinks are a must.

What I've found valuable is blasting backlinks to Web 2.0 properties that contain my anchor text as well as the video iframe embed code. I've also bought some blog commenting link blasts and have noticed big improvements. You can find these at fiverr.com by searching for "blog commenting" and click to sort gigs by "rating". Lately I've used one guy there who does 40,000 backlinks to your videos! It's pretty cool. If you're needing extra link juice to get your video ranked I would definitely recommend this type of gig.

The great thing about videos is that you can blast them with links and not have to worry about getting penalized like you would with a website.

I hope this New Year brings you much success!

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    Great post. I definitely took advantage of December. Best time of the year to implement PPC
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    thanks Paul this is great informations, i know all of that but reading it again certainely encourage to get on it
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