How has the economy affected YOUR business?

by Mike Williams 15 replies
I have noticed some drops in conversion rates (in a health related niche) as compared to before the gas price hike and all the ensuing bad economic news.

I'm just curious about how other internet businesses have been faring in these times.
Have some of your niches handled the slowdown much better than others.

I'm not looking to steal your niche ideas so you don't need to get too specific. I'm just really curious as to how the economy has affected the average internet entrepreneur.
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    Not too much slowdown here, probably 2-3% maybe....

    - Darrell
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    All this nonsense about there being a recession is laughable. There is no recession, and even if there was, there is still enough avenues for making money that it shouldn't effect your business. Personally I am doing better this year than I have in the last two.
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      I have a few items that really picked up strong as soon as talk started about ressessions and valueless money. The sales for that dipped after gas went to 4 bucks a gallon, but they are rising again.

      My grandfather got rich during the great depresison, so I guess I don't have any excuses if I don't, too.

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    Mike, my slowest months in the health niche are during the summer. August is
    usually very slow.

    So, more and more, I branch out into some other niches to compensate.
    Recently I made a site that should be interesting to buyers year round,
    added more products to another heatlh site and added some reviews to
    a third health site. The review pages are starting to pick up some natural
    searches in three weeks.

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