Is Wordpress Good For Sales Pages?

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Hello everybody,

If you haven't noticed I have been asking many questions here about:

· Wordpress
· Merchant accounts/Shopping carts

...because my partner and I are interested in starting a coaching program.

We have picked our niche (real estate investing)

We have picked our sub niche (tax sales)

We have even picked our sub-sub niche (geographical area)

My question is wordpress good for sales pages? See below link.


www[]realestatemoneymaker[]com (I am new so I cannot post links yet...)

Would I be able to use wordpress to build a page like this or is there a better way to do so.

I am somewhat strapped for cash and want to do it in the most economical way but at the same time want to have it look as good as possible.

I also want to add a PayPal link to the sales page to sell the webinar we plan on putting on. (My partner is a real estate agent by the way... so he has many qualified and interested clients). Since the service we plan to use has a registration number you need to send to the attendees I would also need an autoresponder.

What is the best way to tie an autoresponder in to PayPal?

Thanks for your help

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    i may be wrong, but i don't think u can do that with a blog

    personally i would not recommend wp for a full on sales page - it has distractions in the sidebar.


    just create a page, and upload it into the same directory as the blog - just don''t call it index.htm

    call it something like product.htm

    the address will be

    or, if you want the salespage to be on the root of the domain, then you call it index.htm, and you install the blog on

    then on the blog, you just do a presell - explain the problem, and offer a solution - which is on the sales page

    as f0r the autoresponder, getresponse offers you one - 1 - FREE autoresponder - to be able to try out their services. some of the advanced features are turned off, but otherwise it is fully functional
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      Yes, you can use WP for a sales page -- without the sidebar. But you will have to hire a programmer/coder to customize it for you.

      My current site is done all in WP and I hired someone from Scriptlance who came recommended to me. He installed WP in my root directory and made every page EXCEPT the blog page look like a regular page (i.e. NO sidebar).

      You can find someone currently like that or I can give you the name of the guy who did it for me. It's fairly cheap, but if you still can't afford that, you might want to try something different. Learn some quick design skills and use a free program to design your pages.

      Or you could take almost everything out of the sidebar except for one thing. I'm new to WP, but as far as I can tell from my current WP site, you can pick and choose what you want to have in there.

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        Nightengale - how much did you pay for the service?
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    Hi Quinn

    I think that for the amount of info that you migh need to put there, it would be good to have a blog/product as nightengale suggested.

    I could sort this out for you, please pm me.



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    I use WP for a sales page and for everything else.

    All you need to do if your theme already has a sidebar is make another page template (without the sidebar) call it sales (or whatever you fancy) and ftp it up. Write/Page and select your new template for your sales page. It is as easy as pie to do it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes.

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      Imran - Can you suggest any good places to get the mini sites done?

      pjCheviot - Can you send me the link? Thanks
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          Wordpress can be made to do anything...

          I personally in the past have used straight html for sales pages and Wordpress for reviews. However as you can see from the post below, you can easily make WP into sales pages. Plus, using WP you get the benefits of optimization and love from the SE's.

          Originally Posted by pjCheviot View Post

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            Yes WP can be MADE to do anything [sorta] but it can also be a freakin PITA to be as flexible as straight html ...

            WP benefit - free or cheap. But then add your time and aggravation to make WP behave nicely for something other than a BLOG looking site / page.

            Also if you do choose WP .. be sure to choose your theme wisely. Some times the fancy cool looking themes that look like a NON Blog are a real MOFO to work with and customize. I learned the hard way.
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