[Solved] How to hide your address in MailChimp?

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When a user confirms the subscription to be in your list, mailchimp displays your contact info including the address.

Is there any way to hide the address.

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    Why would you want to hide your address. Unless you are thinking of spamming the hell out of your list.

    All autoresponder services require you by law to reveal your address. If you hide it, then your up to no good.


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      You need a valid address to be available when using any autoresponder. It's both for spamming laws and also good business practice.
      Now of course there's nothing to stop you using a rented mail box or mailing address if you prefer to have people contact you away from your private residence. I have a business mailing address I use on all business correspondance that I get forwarded or scanned and emailed to me.

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      Originally Posted by georgedinmore View Post

      All autoresponder services require you by law to reveal your address.
      This just isn't so, George.

      Neither by law nor even, necessarily, by their own terms of service.

      First, it's clearly not "by law", because those laws are different in different parts of the world.

      Secondly, in the US (where many autoresponder companies are based), the legal/regulatory requirement isn't for "an address", anyway; it's actually just for "a non-email method of contact": some autoresponder companies will accept the inclusion of a phone number as an alternative to an address, and they say so specifically in their terms of service.
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    Yeah but what has my address got to do with my spam culture ?

    And no, my intention is not to spam the hell out lol

    Moreover, it asks for phone number as well. Now it is kinda lame to display your phone number out in the public.
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    As long as you are running honest online business then you should not worry if they display your address.
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      Originally Posted by mvirtual View Post

      As long as you are running honest online business then you should not worry if they display your address.
      Tell that to my father.

      And tell it to the people who've posted in threads here their accounts of deranged members of the public showing up at their homes, with threatening/abusive/violent behavior.

      There are some weird people out there.

      The idea that wanting to conceal your address indicates that you're a scammer or a spammer is completely ludicrous.
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        I believe the address thing is a EU law. Seeing as that's quite a sizable chunk of the world these days, MailChimp enforce it in order to operate in that territory and meet regulations.

        I use MailChimp for my mailing lists, however I use my business address rather than my home address.

        I can't post a link as I've made less than 15 posts, however take a look at the first Google result for the term "opt in laws in the USA and EU" for more details (not my website, incidentally).
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    Well, I am neither in the EU or PU or any of the U...in my part of the world there is no law like that you have to give your address "in emails" ...

    I wonder why such a ridiculous thing that you have to display you address.

    Forget about address...phone number ?? ehh...
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    if you are worried about phone numbers get magic jack its 40 USD first year including hardware, you can get a us local number in ANY part of the world pretty neat trick I mean google voice can do it to but the quality just isn't there yet.
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    Good question. I am trying to keeping my cool at the some of the sad judgemental replies you have had. You are awesome for protecting your own people. Forgive the rudeness of some warriors

    All I can say is some people live in a weird fantasy world.

    In the name of principle and "non-spamming" why should they not reveal their home address to the whole lovely flowery nice world, and, recklessly leave their families exposed to danger--and if their houses are robbed, families attacked, raped or even murdered, at least they kept their "principles".

    a great majority of marketers work from home!

    "Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache" (Mae West)

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    You can get a Google voice phone # for free, and u can get a "virtual mailbox" to use as a business address.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with not wanting your subscribers to know your personal address and phone number. How many bartenders, waitresses, doctors, lawyers, etc. do u know who give out their home address to their customers and clients, let alone to strangers on the internet?

    There are some absolutely crazy people out there, and I'm not really looking to have one of them show up at my door or call my personal phone.
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    Opt-In Laws in North America and Europe

    The reason your email provider requires an address is that companies operating in the EU are required to provide the registered address of the company. With your business being online it can be assumed that some of your customers will live in the EU.

    I can understand some of your concern but the only thing I can really suggest is to register your business under a PO Box if that is allowed in your country, then you can use the PO Box as the address on your emails.
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    Providing a proper way to get in touch with you (besides email) is an actual law for most developed countries.

    USA: CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business | Federal Trade Commission

    Canada: Canada's Law on Spam and Other Electronic Threats - Home - Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation

    EU: EUR-Lex - 32002L0058 - EN - EUR-Lex

    Australia: Spam Act 2003

    UK: Legislation.gov.uk

    ... the point is, most countries do have actual LAWS in place obliging you to provide an address is you're reaching out to email subscribers. You don't need to provide your home address (a P.O. box will do) but you need to provide a REAL way to get in touch with you.
    Alex Sol, Full time online marketer since 2007
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