Article Directory Submissions...Is this The Right Way?

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Hi All,

I have just written an article on a particular topic. Plus I have also written 15 other versions of the same article.

My idea is to do the following:

1. Put the original article on my website / blog.

2. Submit one of the 15 other articles to each of the 15 top article directories. Effectively giving each of the 15 article directories an 'original' version of the article

Is that the right approach, or did I miss something?


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    I would use 5 articles and submit one to each of the top 5 directories, the next 5 batch submit the 5 articles to each one of the top directories, and the last 5 articles I would use any submission service to submit the articles to all the directories, just for testing, also you can use different urls in the signature maybe the batch to all the directories use the root domain, and for the others your article url, again just for testing.

    Some people say that is better to submit to a few directories instead of all, but for me is all about testing and probably the same strategy is not going to work the same for different sites.

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