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I just bought a domain to start an Amazon affiliate site. Does anyone have any tips on how should create the content for the site?

I have read some places to just write 500 word articles for each product/keyword, and put the links in the article ... with pictures. I have also seen some people say to do a review type site. I think my niche might be too big for a review site, but if those perform better, I can always break the domain down into subdomains.

And how should I go about links? Should I use their Adsense type ads, or should I go with pitcures and my own links?

Just trying to get some tips before I start.
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    As per your own pictures or their widgets... I had better results with their widgets (probably because I suck at image creation, anyway), but your best bet is to try for yourself and see what works best. It may be worth split testing.

    Because you are going to promote Amazon, I highly recommend you get the EasyAzon WP plugin. It is great for creating reviews of the products you are promoting on your site.

    - Trev
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    Hire a writer or get started on typing up some high quality content or product reviews.
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    If you are going to build a site with 20-50 pages do not use a plugin.

    Plugins create pages on the fly, to comply with amazon TOS.
    The problem with that is that when google indexes your site, the spider will
    see empty pages---- hurting your ranking.
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    I also have a new website but the most imp. part is traffic, traffic, traffic.....Without that all ur hard work will go down the drain like me.....

    I have 1000+ words in about 5 post but no traffic at all.
    3 month old domain...

    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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      Originally Posted by dsouravs View Post

      I also have a new website but the most imp. part is traffic, traffic, traffic.....Without that all ur hard work will go down the drain like me.....

      I have 1000+ words in about 5 post but no traffic at all.
      3 month old domain...
      Was just about to start a thread with a great traffic how-to site that I found... really good stuff and step by step with video and free article spinner (SpinnerChief) for any newbies and/or article marketers... take a look on the main thread in about two mins and have a read...
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    An important part of the process is testing. Some may have better results with images others with simple links. You must understand that the traffic is not 100% identical to yours so some one who is selling toys from amazon will most likely do better with images and some one who sells computer parts will do better with just links...

    It is a good idea to test your performance on a weekly basis once you have your traffic coming in. Simply swap your current layout every week and check your stats!
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      Look at what the leading competition for your main keywords are doing.

      Just offer your visitors lots of useful content, either write this yourself, or outsource, 500+ words.

      Have you keywords sprinkled throughout the article, but don't over do it.

      Put a couple of pics in your article with your affiliate links, and remember to have keywords in your alt tags... and make them nofollow.

      Have some video on each article, above the fold, this is great for reducing your bounce rate. You may be able to find related videos on youtube, or you can outsource... or make yourself if you can.

      Avoid using Amazons widgets... they're useless.

      There's lots of info on here... do a search.
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    A quick way to build a site is to use an affiliate amazon script such as shopperpress install on your site then customize. You could then personalise the site yourself if you are a developer or hire a developer to customize. You can then rinse and repeat for other domain names.

    Traffic as everyone says however is important. So you need to start building links, running some PPC campaigns, posting on forums and free article sites etc.
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    Personally I think you should focus on adding content and building traffic. Sure we all want money and we all want it fast but think about traffic and use the blog to learn the

    If you write reviews and keep them focused around buying keywords you will start to get organic traffic... then it's a case of how much traffic based on how well you start to rank.

    Get involved in your niche community, start blog commenting, social bookmarketing and just try to get your traffic up. No matter where anyone starts... traffic is always the bit people struggle with.

    This website Health Headlines is quite a nice example of how to make your articles pre-sell. They all start out relatively problem focused with a spin towards a product. Not sure how well it performs (and it's purpose to be honest) but a case study if you like.
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    I will recommend you to write at least 500-600 words per page, these days it extremely important that Google finds lots of contens on your pages.

    Reviews usually work best, choose the most popular products in your niche and write useful reviews for each of them. You beauty about Amazon is that you can find all the information to write your review in their product page. Describe the product and take some excerpts from real reviews and you are ready to go.

    Regarding ads, why choose one? Include images, include links in the content when you mention a product name.... and test, test what is working best for you.

    If you are unsure, there are a couple of very good Amazon courses at the WSO section.
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    You might want to check out the wp plugin in my signature. This is an excellent tool for populating Amazon Sites.

    Get LIFETIME HOSTING for one LOW PRICE.. For more info follow this path

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