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Hey everybody, I want to place a bid on this auction but I need help in deteriming if this is a good deal or a scam. If this is a legitament offer what questions should I ask the seller?


URL: wrmoney dot com
Established: Thu Jul 31 2008
Uniques/Month: 50,000
Monthly Revenue (USD): 1,800
Listed: Today 07:50


I'm Selling one of my best websites what I have In this High Paying Forex Niche , which is running on 100% autopilot without any work involved and will be running like this for A long time in future- Which Is Guaranteed!

I need to sell this by next week as I need urgently funds for one start-up and are willing to let it away for cheap If I can sell it by next week!

This website Have been made in such an way that the traffic for it comes constant every day without any work involved, I spent about 1month totally using my very own unique method to make this up to such an level that it's now earning over $50 daily without any work or what so ever! Trust me I wouldn't been selling this as it brings 100% pure profit ( expenses is about $7 per month for hosting) and on totally autopilot, and earnings are stable from month to month all the time and only growing.

What else to Say?

This website Is true gem if you want stable income from it for long time, In Fact I can Guarantee that The revenue for this website won't drop for at least next 1year! We can set-up a Legal Agreement where this would be included as one of point so This revenue is totally backed up and guaranteed!- I can Make Such an claim only because I know that the traffic for this website won't drop since I have used my method also on another websites to whom this traffic just stays there even after a year of start!

I'm willing to Accept any Good Offer in $3k-$5k Range If I can sell it by next week, Which is only like 2-3months of revenue- With such an Price and Guarantee You can't go wrong!

I have added revenue proof from my adsense account for past 3months as well- see on right side of this auction!

If you want More details Please send me a Private Message here or you can contact me via email

Revenue Details:

This website is earning about $1800 every month only from adsense,

There are zero expenses and It's running on 100% autopilot without any work needed!
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