What WordPress Theme R U Using?

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What WordPress Theme R U Using for Ur product review websites? I have started promoting Amazon items but I want a nice theme for my site.....I know beauty don't matter but still I enjoy it really to have nice and perfect themes.

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    most of my website i am using Striking at theme forest, i really like it because it can make all of my site more variation..
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    You're right, a nice looking page is a plus but don't get too caught up in making it pretty. Your time spent will be better off in marketing.

    For premium: I have Socrates, CTR Theme, and TheTheFly (very customizable and clean).

    The free ones: it varies a lot depending on my mood. The free ones I noticed I use a lot are Arthemia, Flexibility, and GreenLife. =)

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      I use the Thesis theme, which is very well coded and easy enough to customize, loads fast and works well for SEO purposes

      Everyone has their favorite theme
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    well i found theme forest "matching my current need + Cheap"
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    What Wordpress theme`s are free and worth using? if your new to wordpress .ORG
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    Thesis theme and some of the themes from woothemes.com. I don't care what people say, my thesis sites are always winners.
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    For a theme that's free with premium customisation, try Atahualpa. Otherwise I seriously recommend Elegant Themes. For about $40 you get unlimited use of dozens of different themes, some of them very elegant indeed.
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    I use flexibility for amazon review websites (converts pretty well), and inove for internet marketing product reviews. Both themes are free to use. Just search wordpress . org for inove and google for flexibility.

    If you want to use a little bit more professional themes, I personally use elegantthemes . com. There is plenty of nice designed theme and are for just one time payment, moreover, they keep adding new theme.
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      I use the Thesis Wordpress theme. I fell in love with it right when I started using it. It's highly customizable and I enjoy building WP blogs using the theme. It really makes my life much easier.

      On top of it, it's considered a good theme for SEO, as well. It's believed to be better coded than the other themes (both paid and free ones) and I can second that.

      - Trev
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    Arras theme it is free and clean-looking.

    Arras Theme - Magazine-Styled WordPress Theme
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    I am using thesis look like themes
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      I use Thesis Theme as well, got a developers license.

      So easy to use, working on a simple website to promote an event, I could outsource the matching of the theme to the pdf-brochures without any back-and-forth questions and no explaining necessary and you can easily include analytics code. That's why it's my choice.

      “An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made in a very narrow field.” - Niels Bohr

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        I build my own using Artisteer with the Templateer addon. Starting with one of my own template, I can have a header designed and a new theme tweaked in about 15 minutes
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    Some of the themes I have used are:

    - Intrepidity
    - Socrates
    - Brunelleschi
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    Currently I am using the Thesis theme for some of my blogs, the configuration settings of this theme are really awesome.
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    THesis theme for me! :-)

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    I use Clickbump and CTR theme.

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    I enjoy using the Catalyst theme. Catalyst offers a great deal of flexibility and control.
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    Mostly profit themes, but I do use elegant themes and even have one or two small sites that use 2011.

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    I generally use Elegant Themes
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