Is January Usually a Slow Month for Sales?

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Well is it?
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    Depends on your niche I guess... No month is slow for me.
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    It should be yes, look at all the stores they will tell it is slow, well for the majority.
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    Depends on your product and or service really. People tend to save on other things but spend on those new years resolutions hence why gym membership and diet products tend to work well.
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    It does depend on the niche. Physical products on Amazon are likely to be a bit slower because everyone has spent all their cash at Xmas, but niches like fitness, lose weight etc will get a boost in January. Best idea is to work in different niches so that they all even each other out every month.
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    It is a slow month for some and a great one for others. If you are in the Wedding niche, January will be slow.
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    It's typically a slow month for me. People are having credit card hang-overs at this time of year.

    December I kill, January I'm ill. But it really does depend on your niche.

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    I would imagine so.

    December is splurge, while January everyone saves saves saves.
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    Yes, as Torreylee mentioned people spent alot on creditcards so they kind of feel guilty or they over spent, it takes them 2 - 3 months to come back.. I used to work in a business so once Christmas starts our sales drop since we do not sell gifts or products they can take it as gifts..etc.. and January Feb are slow since they spent alot of money

    On the other hand health / weightloss niches make alot of money since people are looking for new year resolutions so they buy products hoping to make this change starting from January
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      I usually get a slowdown in January and February. It's pretty typical. The trick is to make sure that it's manageable, and that you're not stretched thin enough to cause financial problems for yourself.
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    Personal development does pretty well in January from what I've noticed. Frugal living and couponing are pretty hot this time of year too.

    Physical goods suffer until February and then start to go back to normal.

    Every niche has good times and bad. The key is to find when they are for your niche and figure out what you can do to make up for it.
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    It depends, if it falls within a resolution, I would say no, if it's a car I would say yes.
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