How to set up recurring automated subscription payments?

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I'm working on a website. I'm offering a service on one part of the site that requires users to pay $15 every 6 months. So I'm wondering if I can automate this somehow through my Paypal business account so I don't have to manually check all the time to figure out who needs to pay and when. I'm also wondering if I can automate cancellation for the users so I don't have to do that manually either. There must be a way. I'm sure if a lot of people start to sign up this could get confusing very quickly.

Any tips?
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    I know you can do it with I set it up for a while and it works great. They charged an additional fee, was around $10/mo. I believe you can do it with PayPal but I'll have to double check.
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    Yes, you can use Paypal for this. Works for me without a hitch since years.

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    We do this for a number of our products, PayPal make it easy.

    In order to really automate sign-ups and cancellations you really need to integrate with PayPal's IPN (Instant Payment Notification) service.

    The beauty of doing this with PayPal is that (a) it's very well documented (b) there are a wealth of examples on the web and (c) PayPal has a "Sandbox" that lets you test your system out and get it working perfectly without having to use real money.

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    Yes, Paypal does this.

    You can set up your subscriptions by days, weeks, months and even years.

    I use it, it simplifies the process.
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    The easiest way that I've found to do this is with WordPress and S2 Member.

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    Yes, you can do it through Paypal. In your Paypal account, go to "Merchant Services", then click on the "Subscribe" link under the "Create Buttons" menu. It will allow you to create a Paypal button for a subscription. You specify exactly how much to bill and how often.
    The Paypal subscriptions can also be cancelled by the user automatically - it has a cancellation link in the e-mail they get sent every time they are billed.
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      Thanks everyone for your replies. God I love WF! All the member are so good at helping people through the process of getting started in IM the right way.
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    Have you tried amberweb?
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      Originally Posted by ThrivingDad View Post

      Have you tried amberweb?
      No, I Googled it but it went to a 404 page. I'm gonna stick with Paypal for this one and use the tips people gave me above....
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