How I promote correctly my own clickbank product?

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Hello everyone…

First of all I apology for my english, i speak spanish but i’ll do my best…

Here’s the thing: I was an affiliate of Clickbank and the things were very good with one product, so i decided to create my own product of that same topic.

Well, I changed all the affiliate links in my blogs to my sales page and guess what, the things were better... i was making more Money.

In my blogs I directed link to my sales page. Example: So in the payment form appears “affiliate:none” and that is ok… that is what i want.

In the last days i’m having a lot sales from affiliates that are promoting my product, and im happy for this, for them and for me… BUT, many of these affiliates are making the sales through my blogs, so in this case I should be having the 100% of income.

But this isn’t happening because the people who are searching my product in google visits some affiliate website and clicks on the affiliate link to my product. No everyone buys in that moment. A lot of people keep searching in google and they finally arrives to one of my blogs (the blogs were I directed link to my sales pages) and then buy the product.

In those cases the affiliate is making the comission, but the sales is generated through my site, so i should get the 100% payment. For me this is not selfish, is fair…

What I should do?...

You guys recommend promote my own product through my affiliate link using my account of affiliate in clickbank? So in this way I'll make us$ 19.30 per sale in the affiliate account and us$ 6 in my vendor account? (my product has a value of us$29)

I hope you understand me…

Thanks a lot!!

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    Hey Juan

    Forgive me if this sounds a bit blunt, but you have the wrong mindset my friend. You should be grateful for those affiliates who are promoting your product and making sales for you regardless of what site they come from or how those sales are made. If I were in your shoes, I'd be grateful for every single purchase because each sale by a new affiliate inflates your gravity and attracts the attention of even more affiliates.

    If you do what you have suggested i.e. promote your own product using a hoplink with your own affiliate link to your own product, sure you will cut out those affiliates who are making commission in the way you describe. But, you will p*ss them off at the same time and they will probably stop promoting you altogether.

    The above will cause your gravity to plummet and you will end up being the sole promoter of your own product. That may be what you want though I cannot imagine why. My advice is to stop seeing the commission you are paying to affiliates as a loss and start seeing your share of it as money you would not otherwise have made without the help of affiliates.

    Again, I am sorry if this sounds harsh, but it sounds like you have a winning product there. Change your thinking in relation to affiliate sales and you could really take things to the next level.

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    You have a sales force. They should get paid. That is how this deal works.
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    If I were you, i would be laughing all the way to the bank. Keep good relationships with your affiliates and use them as a good leverage to grow your business.

    Others would die for something that you have today and like Will said, you got to change to mindset and bring yourself to the next level.

    Good for you and hope you have many more successes to come.

    Daniel Ong CW
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    Mate if they don't sale you must have your account empty.... Be patient, try to give more commissions and promote more affiliates..... I give you a picture....

    I have created my product for lets say 250$ and I want to sell a copy for 29$

    Now 5 affiliates are selling my products and each affiliate makes 1 sale daily which makes 5 sales daily.

    And I get 9$ for each sale which makes 45$, so I will be covering my product cost in a week.

    And in a month I will be launching another product to move on.... So it works like same.....

    There is no full payment....

    If you are ever in manufacturing business you will have the better idea.....

    My idea for you is if your earnings have completed the cost of your product then move on to the next and when you are done with 3-4 products like you have which will be earning well... You will not think this again... It's pretty honest statement

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    OP, you need to be supporting your affiliates as much as you possibly can.

    Your affiliates only exist If they earn money from the product you created, don't nickel & dime them or they will bail out & find another product to promote leaving you all by yourself to sell your product.

    If your running a 50% commission, your getting $0.50 on the dollar from each affiliate without you ever having to generate traffic.

    Your job is to support your affiliates above & beyond by giving the tools they need to succeed while trying to sell your product to their traffic.

    The traffic they send you isn't your traffic, you didn't generate their traffic. My point is, If the affiliate bails on your product, they will take their traffic when they leave.
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    Thanks a lot... now i'm seeing things in a diferent way.

    I appreciate your help folks,

    Greetings from CHILE!!
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