Which is your best source for making money?

by giddu
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I know many warriors are making money from different traffic sources online. Some are doing well from SEO traffic, some are making money out of their list, some are using PPC etc. My question is which traffic sources giving you best conversion rates or sales?

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    I have linked the signature lines of all 500+ of my articles, as well as my partner's 500+ articles, to my course.

    It has sold well.
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    For me the best converting traffic was search engines (ie google)
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      The answer you will get to this question depends on what time of the day you post it and who is going to read it because almost all have their favourites and all sources convert, all being equal.

      One issue i have with this topic though is that when people say Google or search engines converted best, i think that they forget there is a cost involved with self SEO that very few people ever factor in to the equation. The time it takes to build back links, sort out the tags, layout and content FOR SEO, not site creation etc etc etc has a cost. And up until the point where the site is SEO'd properly, would you spend as much on paid traffic as you had done on SEO to truly compare at a point in time?

      What source converts best is also dependent on a time line. No one waits till they have the perfectly SEO'd site before they publish it to the web. Rather, SEO is always a work in progress to keep your site ranked in the top 3 spots on the SERPS. So in the beginning of a sites history, paid traffic is always going to convert better than search traffic... because you wont even appear in the SERPS. However, as your site moves up the rankings in the SERPS, it begins, slowly to attract search traffic, which still might not convert yet. Further down the road, if the site is moving up the ranks in the SERPS, people rely on the search traffic more and scale back their paid traffic.

      To be honest, you should NEVER rely on only one source of traffic. You should ALWAYS be driving paid traffic to your site. Even if its only 1000 visits a month and you should also always be testing different paid traffic providers because if one day a mathematician employee of the search engine changes his AL Gore Rhythm, you could slide down and out of the SERPs quicker than a fireman gets down his pole. Unless you have a plan, its time to wave bye bye to your income. If you had been testing various paid sources, you can just scale it up to hopefully, recover.

      Just my opinion but to rely heavily on only one source is a very risky policy.


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        My keyword tool
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    Based on my experience....

    The best traffic source and also the easiest is PPC.

    Here's the list Media Buying which I used: (From the most favorite)
    1. Microsoft Adcenter (Bing)- use it to promote CPA email submit cookingware niche
    2. Buyesellads (Banner Ads)- use it to promote Clickbank Products
    3. Plenty of Fish Ads- used it to promote Dating CPA offer
    4. Adwords Content Network (Banner)- use it to promote SEO Services
    5. Facebook Ads (It's quite expensive now) - use it to promote CPA scholarship offers
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    Forum signatures, seo and social media are my best for traffic. All of which I have done myself from scratch so it has really paid off.

    If you are looking to build up your traffic start with forum commenting and having a good quality forum signature.
    My Internet Marketing Blog - Warts And All!
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