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I've been working on my site for months and I was waiting for the hard work to pay off. I wasn't gonna give up because I knew the site had potential and I wouldn't stop until I monetized it. I got about 4 conversions in December, but since it was Christmas time and I didn't make that count as success.
I realized yesterday that my site was ranking at position 1 and 2 on page 1 for it's main keywords. I knew I would be getting more traffic but I didn't get my hopes up. I checked my amazon affiliate reports today and my eyes couldn't open any wider:

Finally! they were items priced well over $200 and now I'm currently hugging myself
I'm still going to work hard with the website as much as I can.

I sent private messages to all the warriors who were making money and asked them for tips and they helped me out a lot! I've gotten somewhere at least. If I can do this then anyone can to be quite honest.
#conversions #finally #yay

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