Best affiliate for computer games ??

by Stoc
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I've a site doing reviews on all kinds of computer games,

I've adsense setup on the site but wanted to try some affiliates for games

Not sure which to try.. game shops selling games or something different

Does anyone have info on which affiliates they would use ?

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    I'd probably go with Amazon...reliable, and trustworthy from the consumer point of view, and you'll also receive commission on anything else purchased, not just games.
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    I would get game guides from clickbank.
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    was going to get the games guides from click bank..

    I've a affiliate account... Do i need to open a .com account for American players/customers etc ? Am i aloud open a .com account if i have a account ?
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    bump for question above
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    I suggest online poker. There are various online poker sites that pays great for referrals.
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    Why not try a combination? You can include amazon ads as well as clickbank user guides and CPA offers...
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    Stoc, Amazon games convert really well...I have a couple of site promoting different games on amazon and they sell pretty well especially during the holidays. I also have AdSense on this site because I'll be leaving money on the table if I didn't.
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    I'm making a lot of conversions with this one right now...

    SWTOR Online Guide - The Top Rated Star Wars The Old Republic Guide
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    If you're doing game reviews, you could recommend Amazon to your readers as it has a high preceive trust value.

    Also, there's a ton of game guides on Clickbank as well you could try out.

    James Scholes
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