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I work full time as a solicitor, however the stress of the job is getting a bit too much for me at the moment - so I've been looking at making some income through online marketing (a colleague recommended it to me). I did a lot of research, and I wanted to choose a niche which I was passionate about. The MMO market is booming currently, especially with the release of SWTOR. I decided to market some SWTOR guides on facebook, twitter and many online gaming forums. I managed to rack in $200 within 2 weeks with minimal work other than putting in a sentence or two on social networks linking to the blog. I've made this, but this amount of income isn't a viable alternative to my current job. I'm wondering how exactly I can scale up my income.

Much Appreciated,

James Gibson
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    Good job making those $200. Most people don't see results that quickly.

    Can't you repeat the same procedure on different niches?
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    Just my opinion...

    I think you can sell your method as a WSO, something like:
    "Make $200 in 2 weeks, promoting Star Wars Old Republic on Social Networks- very Newbie Friendly".

    For me, it's quite unique and interesting topic, so I believe it could sold as much as 100 copies (minimum).

    If the WSO is $7, you could earn another $700...

    Hope this quick opinion helps
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    Rinse and repeat.
    Btw what is MMO and SWOTR?


    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    MMO = Make Money Online
    SWOTR = Star Wars Old Republic ( i think)
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      Originally Posted by Danny Cutts View Post

      MMO = Make Money Online
      SWOTR = Star Wars Old Republic ( i think)
      Sorry for the confusion there - MMO is the genre of gaming Star Wars: The Old Republic is in. I like the idea about the WSO, but do I need to be a war member or something to do that?
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    Awesome!! Keep up the great works! :-)

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    MMO means mass multiplayer online, it's a game type. Much like call of duty is a first person shooter or FPS... Anyways,

    The most important thing you have learned is that you have a winning product. AND you know that FB is a winning venue.

    You could try and promote it on facebook via paid means. Test out a campaign and then track and test it. It could work out big in the long run.
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