Newbie - I need Your help! I want to Make Money!

by KTEden
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I have had this domain for a long time and it went through a countless amount of transformations. I just don't know how to get the ball rolling, what should I do next to start making money? hell, I wouldn't even mind if I could even pull a $100 a month from this...

Adsense, Click bank products, commission junction? what should be my next step, please help me out. the domain I purchased is

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    You only have 4 backlinks to the site. Consider doing some social bookmarking to build up some traffic. You'll make a few bucks a month off the adsense.

    You should have some kind of sign up on there for an autoresponder.

    Make a separate page for a squeeze as well and yes, there are some clickbank things you can add.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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      Hi, Michael:

      Avenuegirl hit the nail on the head with all of her recommendations. If you follow those, you will be well on your way. I appreciate the advice of experienced marketers and always listen.

      Personally, I have been following the guidance of a group of Internet Marketing mentors (see the niche market link in my sig) and since I have been following their advice, my results have improved noticably.

      By the way, if you haven't fixed it by the time you read this, you need to adjust your sig file code:

      In the spots where you have the HTML code "a href" (without the quotes) at the beginning and "a" at the end, replace them both with URL.

      And any place where you have the HTML brackets < or >, replace them with a [ or ] bracket. That should do the trick!


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        Thanks for the tip on the signature!
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      Thank you AvenueGirl, I will take your advice and attempt to create more backlinks and submit more articles.

      just curious though, what tool did you use to check how many back links I Have?
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    What are your skills ? Do you understand WIIFM ? Viral Marketing ? Affiliate Marketing ? I see your building a list! Excellent, now get more traffic and build the list more, develop a relationship with your subscribers, and market to them. Dont worry to much about adsense its overated. Your list will be much more valuable.

    Make $150 A Day with Bum Marketing!
    is that making you $150 a day ?
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    Hi, yes social bookmarking sites like stumble and digg are a great start. Also write some articles and get them on ezinearticles and bookmark these. Also submit to url and use the signature option on the forum. Otherwise you just need a lot of rich content. And don't give up. It takes a bit of effort to get anywhere on the online battle.
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    Financing is a big issue with foreclosure's I would have an offer on how to find private money to close your deals
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    CPA also isn't a bad options to consider. Many networks, like commission junction, are good place to start. Though, wait until your traffic is a bit higher and sustainable because you will only get paid there is a clickthru AND an offer or sale completed!
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    I don't really like to do this, but I can save you a ton of time finding the right affiliate program to match your site.

    Hint: Check the 3rd link in sig file

    Has site ready, landing page, excellent info and follows up with your list automatically for over 2 years with related products.

    Also, if you check it out, it supplies you with a whack of long tail keywords for foreclosure you can target for articles as stated by avenuegirl.

    Hope this helps!

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    It looks like you have everything in place. WIth Ezine Articles and putting some ads in the free ad sites and news papers everything should pick up. Don't rule out the grassroots methods from the days before the internet, they can boost your business.
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