Learning 'naturally' or 'Step-by-Step' - Which makes you strongger?

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I was wondering what are your thoughts on this matter: 'Step-by-step' WSO's vs Learning naturally (buying domain/hosting, creating website and learning things on forum's for example).

Which of them do you think that 'Noobies' (like me :p ) should start and why?

What takes more time?

What is more expensive?

What makes you 'strongger' when a big chance comes arround ( eg. google panda) ?

I'd love to hear your insight in this ^^
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    Slow and steady wins the Race........ Its better to move step by step in a natural way....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think just starting out it's good to get a few step-by-step methods under your belt. But once you progress and learn things on your own, you'll really hit the next level.
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    I would say learn of everything you come across. But step by step is a good way to when you want to learn a specific method. Once you know how to do this method you can give it your own twist for example and that is in turn part of your naturally growing pattern I'd say

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    I am in total agreement with this post as slow and steady wins race. Thanks buddy.
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    Why do both? Learning step-by-step and naturally is great.
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    Originally Posted by david15923 View Post

    'Step-by-step' WSO's vs Learning naturally (buying domain/hosting, creating website and learning things on forum's for example).
    As you've (perfectly reasonably) defined and exemplified those two ways of learning, I'd say "naturally", for one very compelling reason.

    What really "makes you stronger", in this context, is developing the judgement to distinguish between information and misinformation. It isn't easy to do, for two main reasons: first, there's a lot more misinformation around than information; and secondly, when you're starting off and don't know much, you don't have the experience to tell the difference between "what sounds plausible" and "what's actually correct".

    In the forum (i.e. "naturally", as you've put it), in general, there's discussion, and there are more viewpoints, and sometimes even arguments. All of that's very helpful in (a) showing you that there are different points of view, and eventually (b) learning to recognize who the people are who actually know what they're talking about (not always an easy skill to acquire!).

    It's all too easy, as a complete "noobie" to read stacks of "individual products" which may be full of nonsense and not have a way to know that it's nonsense.

    So that gives learning by discussion/chat the edge, in my opinion.

    And then, after that, ask people you've learned to trust for recommendations on which WSO's/e-books/whatever to read.

    I just wish I'd known this when I started.
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    When it comes to computer stuff, I've always learned best by diving in and doing and reading books on the topic.

    When cooking something I don't usually cook, I use a cookbook.
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