setting up my first squeeze page auto responder: any advice

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I am in the process of setting up my 1st propper squeeze page and auto reponder campaign
I tried this before and had a page converting from 10-40% but I never really sent emails back and the list in dead.

I am giving away two ebooks with the submit and a 3rd included in the first email. It is the old IM niche with the info been related to CPA and traffic generation

I am working on the emails now
The first one will be a general introduction to me
followed by 5 more all with info on gaining traffic. It is aimed at newbies

Any advice How much info should I give and how personal should I be in the first email.

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    I would do your best to set the expectations in that first email... How often you send emails - what they can expect those emails to be about, etc.

    I also like to give out a little personal info and invite them to share back if they wish.
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    I'd say you're off to a good start. You want to let your list get to know you because the more they know you, the more they will like and trust you, like a friend!
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    How are you getting the traffic to the landing page?


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      Originally Posted by WizIMS View Post

      How are you getting the traffic to the landing page?
      Well thats the issue
      I am testing out some PPC/PPV traffic programs and seen which convert the best (in terms of initial sign up)

      I was hoping to have started already but that didnt happen
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    Definitely go the personal route. Let them know that you're personally there to help them succeed in their endeavors.
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      You seem to be starting out fine...let the people on your list know right
      from the start who you are and what you intend to role out over the coming
      emails that can help them online, especially the newbies as that's who you
      say you want to market to.
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    All I have to chime in with is don't overdo the emails, and make them as personal as possible. You start sending one too many emails, and a lot of people will click the spam button in their email.

    As far as info in the first email, as stated above, let them know what your about. Introduce yourself, what you can do for them, and what they can expect from you in future emails.
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    One thing I did was sign up to a few guru's mailing list and model the style that I like - I take note of the subject headers esp. and keep a list of those that I open without hesitation - and use them.

    First mail should relate to what you promise in your landing/squeeze page, and set the expectations - are they going to receive more info everyday, once a week etc. . I usually give as much info as possible, in fact I always put myself in the shoes of the person that signed up, and think what info would he/she want/expect to get and go from there. I see myself as adding value, the more value I give, the more I would receive
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    My suggestion: Don't give a lot of personal bio stuff up front. You'll be developing a relationship over time. You can save a lot of that for later. Being "personal" doesn't just mean sharing your life story. And don't send 5 different traffic strategies in 5 emails.

    Instead, tell a personal story about how you discovered and made successful use of a traffic strategy. Tell the single story over the 5 emails (3 might be better for this). That will hook your readers and make them want more. And it will be a lot more "personal" than telling them you live in Dayton and have 2 kids and a dog.
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    people tend to buy from people they trust. trust is created by people "knowing you". so the personal aspect is great

    I like your plan btw
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      I dont think my plan is particularly new though
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    Originally Posted by espresso View Post

    I tried this before and had a page converting from 10-40% but I never really sent emails back and the list in dead.
    BTW, what happened to the old funnel? It was converting, so can't you just start with that rather than starting over?
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    Nothing happened to it
    I just let the list die (it was at 100)
    I am just doing it again
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    Finally all is set up
    I have tested it all and am ready to launch
    Will do basic bum marketing tomorrow and then start PPC on MOnday

    8 emails in my responder with 2 sells (4th and 8th)

    Here we go
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    Make sure to get your prospects use to clicking on links. What I mean is instead of putting all of your free content in the emails, link to your blog and have them read it there. This will get them used to clicking on links and will increase your click through ratio on promotions in the future.
    What Misunderstood Traffic Source SUCKS In
    3 Million Visitors Daily and Spits Out
    $560.81 Per Day In Commissions?
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    Its a double opt in
    so after they confirm they are sent a separate email with a link to a zip file
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    In terms of content just be yourself and send people to the best content which you have placed onto a blog. If you're on any sort of social media include links in your signature file at the bottom of every email.

    Just be honest and only recommend products that you believe will help your list. If you promote things purely for money then you will burn your list.
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    hey all
    I finally set up my squeeze page today ans started sending a small amount of traffic to it
    So far the conversion is 10% (which I am happy with)
    I will be sending more traffic to it tomorrow and next week and will see how it goes

    I will doing split testing soon as well
    but do far all is it
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    first day done
    11 sign ups for far
    Fairly happy with that
    Have set up now to get more traffic over the next two weeks and will monitor it carefully
    Hoping for 10% min sign up
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    i had a terrible experience with a list of over 700 i got from doing jv giveaways.

    had that list for well over 2 years and never made a dime with it. i only sent them a weekly newsletter, 2 promotions a week and not one buyer out of all of that list.

    jv giveaways to me = freebie seekers IMO

    started working on a totally new list now using articles, videos, some social media too. gonna try to weed out any freebie seekers as i go

    john b
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