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Hey guys.

I have a question about proxies, or any other method that can do this:

I'm not located in the US, and I'm making a site for a US city, and I obviously need to know the rankings on Google of that website, but for someone located in the US. As you know, the rankings I see are not going to be the same rankings someone sees in a different country. They may be similar, but not the same.

Anyway, I know this could be done with proxies, but... exactly how?

And also, like if I want to use software like Traffic Travis or something like that, to check rankings, could I maybe do something like get online, but using an IP located in the US... I imagine this can be done with a proxy, but I just don't know how...

anyone? I appreciate all the help and tips..
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    If you're thinking of doing this via
    proxy, simply visit a proxy site that's
    IP's are based in the US (you can
    the site to see the IP location).

    And then ka-boom, go check


    Canadian Expat Living in Medellin, Colombia

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    how would I go about the "ka-boom" part? =)
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      Originally Posted by FalconPunch View Post

      how would I go about the "ka-boom" part? =)
      You go to and check the page
      through the proxy...



      Canadian Expat Living in Medellin, Colombia

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    And what about, using desktop software, but from a proxy.. is that even possible?
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    Instead of using a proxy to accomplish your goals, I would suggest that you use a VPN service as your proxy gateway. A proxy service will suffice for your basic need of having your IP address appear to be from a location/country that is reflected in a "whois" reverse DNS lookup. However, further analysis through packet sniffing and other measures can eventually reveal your true Internet IP/location.

    Using a VPN service (usually a paid service) allows for you to have an encrypted connection between you and the VPN service servers. Many VPN services (for example, "Pro VPN" from will allow you to select a gateway IP in the country and city of your choosing. So, that city will effectively be your Internet location, with only the VPN server knowing your true Internet IP. Packet sniffing will only yield garbled, encrypted data.

    Using a VPN service can also allow more Internet communication flexibility in the form incoming Telnet, SSH, and FTP traffic if needed. So, running desktop software while you are behind a proxy or VPN service is not an issue. However, if traffic is initiated from the Internet to your desktop, then the VPN service is definitely the way to go from a functionality and security perspective.

    I hope this information helps.
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    I am completely agree with Wilton White. Virtual Private Network(VPN) can provide you the facility to change your I.P and encrypted of all your information through tunnel. It doesn't matter that from where you have logged in. Get rid to change your proxy time to time and get the maximum benefits from the VPN providers like Hidemyass,ibvpn,purevpn,strongvpn,switchvpn etc etc..
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    I wouldn't touch hidemyass with a barge pole! They are a grubmint 'honeypot', search Google for "LulzSec Hacker Exposed by the Service He Thought Would Hide Him"

    If you don't want anyone watching you, then go with the real privacy pro's like cryptohippie.
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