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i'm looking for someone to create a professional looking header for my product review site.

obviously i'm considering using the Warriors fr Hire section, but are fiverr and odesk worth looking at as well?

i understand Odesk can get expensive
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    You would be surprised at the quality of graphics work you can find on fiverr. There should be several gigs offering header creation, just sort them by rating and look at their sample work and pick who you like the best.
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      yea the cheap cost kind of had me apprehensive with fiverr.

      i mean it takes $5 just to post an add in the for hire section of WF. that would pay for an entire project at fiverr - if i like it of course
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    If you want a professional header, i would recommend odesk, even if you are paying more.

    The guys on fiverr may do a good job, but they wouldn't provide you revision which is kind of important if you are serious about your website.
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    I ordered two headers for my wesbsite two weeks ago. One was from fiverr which cost me $5. For another header for same website I post job at elance. I paid for that graphic $25. I get higher quality image from fiverr then from elance. Some people work really hard at fiverr and their work is better quality then many of "professionals". All you have to do to get good graphic or any other service from fiverr is to do some research before you order.
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    Yes they are worth it. I don't use Fiverr because designer most great designer there already received hundreds of orders. So there's a high percentage that your header may have a similar design with other sites in other niches.
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    I had this problem too. I found a guy on fiverr (I can provide you with the contact info if you want) that not only did me a logo, but also put it into a header image I provided him (I use a WP theme, so I edited the original header image by adding the logo).

    Also, he offers 5 revisions.
    Now it depends what "professional" means to you. I say this because I needed a logo in a niche where the logo needs to look casual, but with good color selection and stuff. The guy delivered. If you are looking for something more complicated, with different shapes and shades and stuff, you should look somewhere else.
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